Kelleigh Bannen Bares Soul In New Single ‘Church Clothes’

We’ve all had times in our lives where we put on a front for the world. We make regular occasions seem more exciting than they are and we give everyone a smile when we might be breaking inside. But what happens when you become truly vulnerable and strip away the façade to see the truth behind someone’s life?

Kelleigh Bannen’s new single “Church Clothes” is a prime example of a song that exposes a harsh reality but in such a gentle way, you’ll find yourself wanting to listen again and again.  Even if it’s not in direct correlation to your personal experience, it’s guaranteed you know someone who can relate to this unfortunate, but all too familiar, storyline. That’s the one thing I’ve always loved about songs I really connect with – how the lyrics translate a story to the audience.

“We stand up we sing a hymn/we say a prayer for other friends/we’re turning to the Book of John/and I’m thinking how I can’t go on…what a beautiful picture we both make…miles apart but careful that it don’t show, when we’re wearing our church clothes.”

This song lyrically powerful and Kelleigh Bannen’s vocals absolutely shine in their delivery. Her tone is bold and rich, portraying all the hurt and sorrow felt by someone who has lived those words (whether she has or not). When asked about how the song has affected her, she replied, “The impact was immediate. My manager, Kerri Edwards, and I were both freaking out. We just felt like the song was so important. I’m so proud to get to share it with fans.”

Sometimes a simple beat in the background can lose an audience quickly but the way this song was produced only adds to the overall effect and authenticity it was meant to have. It’s powerful and delicate at the same time because it discusses subject matter that we often try to hide from the eager eyes of the outside world.

I would love to hear what you think of this new song from Kelleigh Bannen – and check out the “Church Clothes” music video. Pick it up on itunes here.


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