[email protected]_Clarkson’s Country Album May Be Here Sooner Than You Think

Although Kelly Clarkson’s forthcoming album Piece by Piece is a straight up pop offering, country fans have long been salivating in anticipation that our favorite musical in-law would one day release a true country album. While the Texan-born, Nashville-dwelling singer has dabbled in country music for years and is basically BFFs with the genre’s royalty, she has yet to give fans a full country offering. However, it looks like that could FINALLY be changing.

Speaking to TIME, Clarkson opens up about the country album that’s already in the works.

I’ve actually been creating both albums, a country one and this one at the same time. I’ve been working on both projects simultaneously. I’m both people. I have everything on my iPad from country to R&B to pop to rock…I had a pop record left on my contract, so we decided to put this one out first…But I will have a country album that will come out.

Speaking to Eric and Kathy on Chicago’s MIX 101.9, Clarkson also opened up about the plans for her country album, saying, “I definitely have been creating a really awesome country album that I can’t wait for people to hear, so that is definitely in the works.”

Kelly Clarkson also covers this week’s issue of People Magazine with her adorable smiling baby girl, River Rose.


It’s time KC says yes to country’s longstanding question, “Don’t You Wanna Stay?”

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