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Kelsea Ballerini’s debut single “Love Me Like You Mean It” is strongly impacting radio and climbing the charts, so what’s a girl to do as she watches her dreams come true before her eyes? Share additional music in the wake of the success and make sure she maintains musical momentum, naturally.

That is exactly what Kelsea Ballerini cleverly did with the release of a lyric video for the track “First Time” off her self-titled debut EP. Hearing her fans’ pleas and knowing that “First Time” was a fast favorite, Kelsea and her team at Black River Entertainment made the decision to deliver what everybody wanted: more music from this talented dynamo.

A serene production that takes place on a wraparound front porch in the beautiful country, the “First Time” lyric video echoes the reflective mood of the song. “First Time” reevaluates the need to look backward before being able to effectively move forward, reminding people that a constant in and out, up and down in a relationship is an unhealthy cycle.

The beauty of this particular lyric video lies in the lyrics themselves, as seeing the words surface on the screen can serve as a curative experience for anybody who is “holding on to letting go.” The words combined with the gentleness of the visual behind them creates for self-induced therapy that is oftentimes necessary; especially when dealing with heartbreak.

With Kelsea’s newly shared song, this will not be the “first time,” nor the last, that she will experience a great deal of acclaim for her music. In fact, if you speak with artists around Nashville, she is a constant inclusion on their lists of ones to watch in music, and she is also on our Country Music #CMchat 15 to Watch in 2015 list with good reason.

Watch Kelsea Ballerini’s “First Time” lyric video

Kelsea Ballerini

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