Kelsea Ballerini’s New Single is ‘Legend(ary)’

I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to hear new Kelsea Ballerini music, but when she posted that teaser on Instagram and Twitter of her new song, that’s all I could really think about.

After that, I found out in a cryptic tweet that Bobby Bones would be premiering her new single on The Bobby Bones Show this morning- I was counting down the hours. I even tuned into the app so I could listen to it on the way to work. To say I’m

To say I’m Kelsea Ballerini’s number one fan is a big understatement.

She knew exactly what I needed from this new song, “Legends.” It’s fun but has a serious undertone. She posted this message on her Facebook page before the song came out.

“When I wrote this song, I knew it was the beginning of the next chapter. And while I hope you hear your own story of love or loss and the lyrics bring you to your own place of nostalgia, I also hope you hear our story. Over the last 3 years, you and I have fought for each other. We’ve shown up for each other. We’ve been neon in grey crowds. We’ve written our own story. We were legends. And that is why it only makes sense that we start chapter two together, you and me. Thank you for everything. My brand new single, Legends, will be available tomorrow.” Kels

She dedicated this new single to all the fans. This shows you why Kelsea Ballerini is a fan favorite. She has proven again and again, that it’s all about her fans. Even with her fame, that she’s gained rapidly in two years, Kelsea stays true to herself and her music. That’s rare in country music today. Everyone is trying to fit the bold, but Kelsea stands out above the crowd just by being herself.

I love the piano at the very beginning of the song. It sets the mood for the lyrics. Once the beat starts a little after she sings, you’ll find yourself tapping your foot and once the chorus hits you know that this song will kill your repeat button. The lyrics are also pure gold and I would expect nothing less. Kelsea is blessed because she’s both a  wonderful songwriter and artist.

“Like we were written down in permanent marker
Not even the brightest sun could ever fade
Come whichever hell or high water
It was always me and you either way”

Kelsea knows how to make you feel every word. She has the ability to bring life to her songs and this one is no different. After listening to this new single, I don’t think anyone would guess that she’s still relatively new to the country music scene. If this is any indication as to how good her sophomore album will be, then it’ll be magical. Go listen to her new single below.

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