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Kelsea Ballerini has made quite an impression on the industry and, of course, on our Country Music #CMchat family, since she first crossed the starting line and made herself a real contender in the musical race. With her first single “Love Me Like You Mean It” becoming the most added debut song by a female artist in 2014, it made sense that she would soon pick up her pace and release a collection of songs, which came to us in November in the form of an EP.

Included on the five-track offering is “Yeah Boy,” a song with flirty lyrics and a mid tempo bubbly beat that perfectly fits Kelsea’s adorably endearing personality and positively precious demeanor. “Yeah Boy” is an honest and heartfelt outpouring, letting the object of Kelsea’s affection know that he’s the one for her. The track shows off the versatility in Kelsea’s voice, shifting from a quick lyrical delivery to more drawn out articulations of the words, substantiating that this artist can successfully conquer any style of music that comes her way.

Also in line with Kelsea’s charismatic and playful character is the “Yeah Boy” lyric video that was released today. Included in the animation are clever frames, such as the word “stop” inside of a red octagon, “mine” inside of a heart, “cool” written in the Coca-Cola font, and “help it” scribed in a red emergency cross. Bursting with color and cartoonish fonts, the video adequately represents the joy-generating girl behind the music.

Watching this lyric video will not only give you the opportunity to listen to a new, future radio hit by Kelsea Ballerini, it will provide you with a small subliminal glimpse into the girl responsible for the music with which you are falling in love.

Watch Kelsea Ballerini’s “Yeah Boy” lyric video

Kelsea Ballerini

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