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The king of summertime is back! Kenny Chesney‘s new single “American Kids” world premiered today, just in time for summer. After weeks of social media foreplay, Chesney’s single hit iHeartRadio this morning and it’s like the best of Kenny Chesney’s recent classics had a baby with Jake Owen’s current single, “Beachin’.”

The track is a snappy up-tempo with an undeniable beat and twanging guitars that’s sure to become an anthem of kids across America this summer. Although the song is lyrically nostalgic, a look back at being a teenager and the merits and woes of adolescence, it’s sure to become a favorite of adults and kids alike. I can see the Instagram photos now, captioned with the lyrics, “A little messed up, but we’re all alright.”

Speaking about the track, Chesney says, “When I took a year off to make this next record, I knew there was something special out there, but it was going to take time to find it, to write it, to bring it to life in the recording studio.”

The geniuses behind the song are none other than Rodney Clawson, Shane McAnally and Luke Laird, the latter two behind the likes of Kacey Musgraves, Brandy Clark and a ton of others. “With two hooks, three rhythm scans and some of the most ingenious wordplay I’ve ever heard,” Chesney says, “this song’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard. The second Shane [McAnally] played ‘American Kids’ for me, I knew I was going to cut it. In fact, I kinda wondered why he hadn’t played it for me sooner.”

I’d by lying if I said that this song didn’t make me want to rent a jeep with no roof and drive across the beach like I’m 18. Whether you’re currently an “American Kid” or not, this single is sure to have you tapping your fingers on your steering wheel all summer long.

Listen to the World Premiere of Kenny Chesney’s “American Kids” here:

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