[email protected] comes to a #Seahawks defense

So, it’s not exactly a secret that Kip Moore is a fan of football. And he hasn’t exactly kept his inner fanboy for Seattle Seahawk Running Back, Marshawn Lynch, on low key. In fact, he’s been pretty vocal about it.

Kip says, “I know that he gets so much flak for how he’s so bad with the media, but there’s no one in the NFL that plays harder than Marshawn Lynch. I respect watching that so, so much.”

The NFL fined Lynch $100,000 for not submitting to media interviews. Now that Lynch is granting interviews, he often answers every question with the same response. Playing it safe I suppose, but Kip doesn’t think Lynch’s interviews matter at game time.

Ehhh, not sure this is a subject Kip and I can agree on, but doesn’t change the fact I love Kip and can’t wait for new music!

Author: Country Cadre

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