[email protected] Releases New Single #ImToBlame (Listen!)

Kip Moore has been spending time teasing fans on social media about the release of his next single. Providing limited information, all fans knew was to listen for the new single soon and that it would be a song with which they are already familiar, “I’m to Blame.” Now, the wait is over and Kip’s fans can celebrate that they will hear more of their favorite guy on the radio, as the unapologetic “I’m to Blame” has been released to Sirius XM The Highway.

Kip’s new track isn’t exactly new to those fans who have been following his blossoming career for some time, as he frequently performs it at shows. However, a studio version is a treat for all — even those who already have the lyrics committed to memory.

In true Kip Moore fashion, the song is an obvious blend of country and rock influences that honors a past of mistakes and indiscretions and takes ownership of those realities of life. Albeit a short song, the message in itself goes a long way and is one that deserves to be heard by Kip fans and music fans alike.

The chorus goes:

No, they don’t make guys like me, you get exactly what you see, I come from a long line of bloodline that ain’t gonna change. So, take your pistol-pointing finger right off of the trigger, I know where to aim, hell, I’m to blame.

The moral of the song, and an important moral, indeed, is that every scar in life can be worn as a badge of honor if you learn from your mistakes. Kip uses this song to teach the value in looking in the mirror, recognizing faults, flaws, and missteps, and taking away a lesson from every experience — good or bad.

As always, Kip Moore delivers a song that is uniquely him in sound, while simultaneously possessing the mass appeal to become a bonafide country music hit. Co-written by Westin Davis and produced by Brett James, the team behind this meaningful musical masterpiece was able to encapsulate every facet of Kip Moore as an artist while projecting a message with which everyone can sympathize and embrace.

Listen to Kip Moore’s “I’m to Blame”

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