Kip Moore Shows Raw Emotions With “Underground” EP

Raw. Unapologetic. Authentic.

This is Kip Moore doing what he does best – showing sincere appreciation for his fans – releasing previously unrecorded songs simply because they receive such an overwhelming response during live shows. In fact, what’s unique about this EP is that three of the five songs were recorded live. There’s a whole different life to the music, not only for the artist, but for the fans, knowing that mistakes can’t be hidden and voices may not be perfect.

If you’re looking for something full of upbeat songs with a lot of happy lyrics…this EP isn’t for you.
Keep reading though, I dare you to find a song you like.


“All Time Low”

You won’t find anything sappy about this rock infused post-break up tune. Heavy on guitar and a solid backbeat, Kip Moore sings “ain’t enough rungs on the ladder to get me up out of this hole.” It’s a relatable tune about spending time in dive bars trying to forget about how happy life once was. We’ve all felt that “all time low” at one point or another.

“My Kind”

An early favorite for a lot of fans off this new EP. Kip Moore’s transparency and genuine character as an artist who never gives less than 110% is on full display here. My Kind is a song written for his fans. The blue-collar folks who work hard and spend long hours providing for themselves and their families. This one’s got a catchy beat that will have you singing along in no time.

“Midnight Slow Dance”

Ahh a romantic song not done in typical fashion. Often songs that aim to portray a sensual storyline through lyrics can end up sounding cliché but the hard steady drum beat and Kip Moore’s gritty vocals on this track are successful in actually making the words come to life. While it may sound too much like a rock song to some, it fits perfectly with the “Outlaw” style artists like Brantley Gilbert and Eric Church have made a name on.

“Separate Ways”

This song gets an instant reaction when it gets played during live shows. It’s got a laid-back vibe and it simply feels real to what Kip Moore’s life, or any artist’s for that matter, may be like on a given night. Being out on tour for adoring fans is not the average person’s lifestyle but he takes the listener on a journey we’ve likely all been on through a break-up singing, “I’ll drink, I’ll smoke, and I’ll act like I’m okay and I guess we’ll just keep going our separate ways.”

“My Baby’s Gone”

The third song about failed relationships on this EP…and possibly my favorite. You’ll find yourself singing along to the chorus after the first time around as he chronicles all those little moments in a day that used to annoy but are now missed more than anything. With such rich lyrics, one might expect an even more complex chorus but the simplicity of repeating “my baby’s gone” only punctuates the defeat as another person leaves you to collect your own broken pieces and start again. Perhaps heartbreak is a solid motivator for this Georgia native to write killer songs that his fans will no doubt enjoy as much as his first two full-length albums.

Don’t forget to check out for his website for more info on the Me and My Kind Tour (with special guest Jon Pardi) in various states until mid-December this year. You may just hear one of these newly released Underground songs live yourself!

Get his new Underground EP (just click on the picture)!


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