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3/10 UPDATE: We had Kristian as #CMchat Twitterview guest August 5th and we did a Google+ Twangout Video Chat November 5. We wanted to highlight Kristian in this  #CMchat Double Click where put a spotlight on artists we really dig here at CMchatLIVE.

Singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, Grammy winner – no matter what you call him, Kristian Bush is one talented guy.  Everyone here at Country Music Chat is proud to have Kristian on our #CMchat lineup, Monday, August 5th from 6-7pm Pacific.

As half of Billy Pilgrim, Kristian made his way onto AAA charts in the mid-90’s.  More recently Kristian has been known as one-half of country music super-duo Sugarland.  With Sugarland taking a break (both Jennifer and Kristian have said the duo has not come to an end), Kristian is hitting the road on his own.  To finish the year, he has shows in Chicago, Dallas, and Georgia (visit KristianBush.com for details).

Q – What is it like having your name on the marquee as opposed to being a part of a duo?

It’s exciting for me to share my music under my own name. Fans have heard my voice for years through the music and lyrics of the duos I have been in – now they’re getting to hear my voice through a microphone, too.

Q – Have you taken anything from your years of touring as a duo and put it into your solo show?

The care and respect that I feel for the fans of my music carries through everything that I do.

For those who aren’t lucky enough to see Kristian Bush live, he has begun participating in Music Monday – giving fans a chance to hear his music.  Whether it be an old song, a new song, or a new version of an old song; every monday Kristian posts a blog on KristianBush.com with a song.

Q – What was the inspiration behind “Music Monday”?

I realized how many songs I had, and how many years it would take to release them, one album at a time. It breaks my heart when I write a song and no one gets to hear it, so I figured, why not? I’ll do this for as long as I can. I won’t run out of music any time soon.

Across the pond, Kristian released “Love or Money, but while those of us in the US wait, he has created a couple lyric videos available on his YouTube page.

Q – Are there any plans to release a single in the US? 

I would love to.

Kristian is also working with other artists.  He has worked with Laura Bell Bundy, Canaan Smith, and Jaida Dreyer as well as the dB’s, Matt Nathanson, and Dia Frampton.

Q – You work behind the scenes with many artists, what’s it like watching other people shine?

One of my passions is feeding energy into people and watching how bright it can get, whether I’m standing beside them on a stage, encouraging them in a studio, or writing a song with them in a room. The magic of what happens when people exchange creative energy is unique. Every time is different. Everyone shines a different color.

With a lot on his plate, Kristian shows no sign of stopping!

Q – What do you hope will have happened (career wise) in a year from now?

I’ve got lots of big dreams, and I hope they’ll be well on their way towards coming true.

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