Single Review: ‘Jesus, Jack Daniels & Me’ by Kyle Jennings

If you think that country music artists today don’t make music quite like country music artists of the past, then you haven’t met Kyle Jennings. He employs traditional country sounds, and sprinkles them with a contemporary twist. His latest single, “Jesus, Jack Daniels & Me” is a superb representation of that concept.

Musically, “Jesus, Jack Daniels & Me” begins in a subdued manner, as Jennings describes his woman and lists her more delicate features. The energy builds, with help from emphasis on instruments such as drums, slide guitar, piano, organ, and steel guitar, which add color in appropriate areas to complement the passion and intensity that Jennings is feeling in regards to his leading lady. Jennings’ personal favorite part of the arrangement is during the third verse, when steel harmonic tones piggy-back a piano lick. Make sure to listen for it!

The lyrics in the chorus convey that the simple characteristics, morals, and what some may even call “flaws” of a woman are attractive,  and all of that contributes to the most important part, that she loves her man. “She likes my old pick-up and sad country songs, back roads and sunsets and dancing til dawn, flowers and horses, and her faded blue jeans. Oh, but she loves Jesus, Jack Daniels & Me.”

Like most songwriting experiences, the concept for “Jesus, Jack Daniels & Me” began randomly, as Jennings recalls.

“The idea came from a late night conversation after a night out with a group of friends (and probably Jack Daniels). Somehow we got on the topic of dream guys/girls. What they look like, how they act. My turn came and I listed all the attributes I adored and described how my unicorn would be ‘witty and spunky, refined but a little rough around the edges, distinguished and intelligent but crass and inappropriate at times, etc.’ At the end of my monologue I said something to the effect of ‘she’s gotta be the kind of girl who loves Jesus, Jack Daniels, and Me.’ I heard that come out of my mouth and I knew there was a song in there. I took the idea to my friends Kevin Post and Dave Fenley and within a couple of sessions, we had it down.”

To go along with his single, “Jesus, Jack Daniels & Me,” Jennings created a music video, which is directed by Jon Hoffman. Being that Jennings is a Michigan native, it made sense for him to film the video in Michigan, where there are many areas that represent “home” to him. Hoffman, commented on the music video, describing a memorable scene from 10th Street Saloon:

“Kyle has played there for years, so we wanted to include it in the video. For this shoot, Jenny (leading lady) needed to pick a fight with a big, rough looking fellow, and Kyle had to break it up and get her out of the bar. If you ever want a sample of crazy, try starting a controlled bar fight with a few actors in a bar packed full of drunk people who have no idea what’s going on. In hindsight, we probably should have informed the patrons about what was going on, but fortunately we avoided starting a bar-wide brawl.”

You can check out this dramatic scene, as well. Warning: If you’re easy emotionally affected like I am, this video can be a tear-jerker, in the best way! The CMT worthy combination of strong on-screen chemistry between Jenny and Kyle, laced with darling love scenes and expressive lyrics really brings “Jesus, Jack Daniels & Me” to life in this must-see video!

“Jesus, Jack Daniels & Me” will be available for purchase on iTunes starting on January 19! Additionally, Kyle Jennings will be posting the music video on his website and social media accounts.


Preview “Jesus, Jack Daniels & Me” at Soundcloud.

Author: Tiera Bolt

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