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Roughed up flannel, dirty ball cap, and a skateboard. Singer/songwriter Lacey Caroline released her new single, “Ain’t That Girl,” (produced by Ryan Rossebo) on her birthday, May 23. To celebrate on her special day, the New Jersey native let fans download the new song that day for free from her website. 

“If you’re looking for an easy quick-ride backseat kind of night, if you’re looking for a fast-paced first date, please don’t waste your time, you can play me like a country song, play it all night on and turn my radio on, but unless you’re Hank or Merle I ain’t that girl”

Another way Lacey is bringing her fans along on her journey is through her fan-funded Bandtwango campaign. This campaign allows fans to engage with her music, choosing from a variety of different rewards if they donate to the campaign to help her promote the release of her upcoming EP.
Beginning at the young age of fourteen, Lacey’s goal in music has always been to tell a story with her songs.

“Music, for me, was a place where I fit in. No matter what was going on in my life or school, I found a comfortable place between my headphones. I’ve always wanted to give that feeling to other people with my music and songs”

Read you started as the frontwoman for a pop-rock band, The Best Week Ever. When did you decide to focus on country music?

“It’s kind of a funny story!  I grew up loving punk and rock music, with bands like New Found Glory and Paramore being huge influences on me, so I always wanted to front a rock band.  I got to do that with a few bands, one of them being The Best Week Ever.  When TBWE broke up, I didn’t have a band and just started writing songs on my acoustic again.  Eventually, I got to record some songs with a songwriter/producer who was a HUGE influence on me growing up.  When I played him a few songs I had written, he just looked at me and said, ‘You know these are country songs, right?’  I laughed and he said, ‘No, really, you naturally write country songs.  Have you ever thought about pursuing that?’  Then I started listening to more and more country artists, fell in love, and that’s how it all started!”

What was it like to play at MetLife Stadium in your home state of New Jersey? Open for Gavin DeGraw and Bon Jovi?

“It was pretty wild! We had a bus all to ourselves, unlimited Gatorade bottles (I love Gatorade!), and the entire crew for the show were incredibly nice and helpful for anything we need!  I had never played a stadium before, and the whole scene was a little overwhelming, but I look back and remember how comfortable I felt on that massive stage! I felt right at home!  Gavin was really cool as well!  He hung out with us during our sound check, and we listened to his soundcheck (which sounded incredible).  Afterward, we watched Bon Jovi crush it on stage all night! It was a day to remember for sure!”

Your debut solo EP Songbird includes the very emotional song “Daddy’s Little Songbird.” The first time I listened the powerful lyrics connected me to the song. How difficult is it to write songs like that?

“It’s oddly easy, which sounds bad, but I think it’s more because I’m just being honest.  My parents had a really strained relationship when I was growing up, and spending time with my Dad dwindled each year because of it.  When I started writing that song, I just started speaking from memories, and from truth.  The rest just kind of comes out.  I think the difficult part is listening back and asking yourself, ‘is this too honest?'”

Then there is “Girl Like You” which is more, well, in the face of the ex. Was that song a turning point in your career?

“Hah! I love that song. I wrote it while sitting in my car, in front of my favorite coffee place.  I’d say it was more of a ‘wake up’ point because the artist that’s inside of me started to wake up.  I think I moved closer to finding my true voice as an artist with that song and pushed on the boundaries of who I am and who I want to be.”

Can you give us a preview of the songs on your new EP? When will it be released?

“A lot of fun, upbeat jams!  The EP is five songs, and I wanted them to all be the fun stuff that makes people want to just hit repeat on the whole EP!  The only ‘slower’ song is a very personal song to me, and it’s always been incredibly well-received when I play it live.  I’m in the business of storytelling, and it’s a story that I think isn’t told enough and should be.  I’m excited for people to hear it!”

What is the weirdest or funniest question you’ve ever been asked in an interview?

“I can’t remember anything in particular that stands out as being weird!  Maybe that means I’m just too comfortable talking about myself! Lol!”

What musician would you like to collaborate with?

Miranda, Brett Eldredge, the band Unspoken, and probably B.O.B. (the rapper lol).”

If you can have fans remember one thing about you, what would it be?

“That I was a good and kind person.  I think those are the most important things to be remembered for.”

What would your autobiography be called?

“HAHA! Um, I don’t know! Probably something cheesy like ‘You Can Take The Girl Out Of Jersey, But You Can’t Take The Jersey Out Of The Girl'”

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Author: Donna Block

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