Here’s Why Chicago Is Special To LANco

Chicago is home to landmarks such as Millennium Park, the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) and Wrigley Field; but did you know it’s also a place of significance for LANco? I recently sat down with the rising country music stars while they were back in town to perform at the Windy City Smokeout. They divulged on their new music and why Chicago holds a special spot in their hearts.

You’re currently signed to Sony Music Nashville, and your radio singles have already been tearing up the airwaves!

Can you take us back to the distinct moment you heard your single on the radio for the first time? Where were you and what was it like?

Chandler: “One of my favorite memories is when I first heard ‘Greatest Love Story‘ because I was actually home in Atlanta (three of us are from there). We had a home town show that night so we were already excited about that, but a few of us were on the way to the venue when it came on the radio and it was just so surreal. The second time I heard it that was really cool was one night in Nashville and Jared texted us to say, ‘hey we are on the radio now!’ I was on the third floor of my apartment and I rushed down to my truck to turn it on since I don’t have a radio in my apartment.” (laughs)

Eric: “Actually, the first time we heard our single on the radio as a band, we were in a van on the way to Wrigley Field in Chicago!”

LANco collectively: “OH YEAH!”

Brandon: “YES! The first time I remember hearing it was driving to Wrigley. I usually Uber everywhere when I’m home so I don’t have the opportunity to catch it on the radio like these guys have had the experience of, but on the way to Wrigley Field was a really exciting moment that I’ll never forget.”

With that experience alone, it sounds like Chicago is a special place for your band. Last year you played two large Chicago-based festivals, Lakeshake (country music festival) and Lollapalooza (rock/hip-hop/alternative/electronic festival) which speaks volumes about your following here. Being that you are back in the Windy City, let’s talk about some of your favorite things about it.

What do you like the most about Chicago?

Tripp: “SECOND CITY.” (all laugh)

Brandon: Chandler knows all about the architecture.”

Chandler: “Yeah! I took an architecture cruise tour here once and for about an hour after that, I was an expert on Chicago architecture.” (laughs)

Brandon: “We do have a unique following up here – different than most cities. I’m not just saying this, but Chicago is probably my favorite major city in the United States. My dad and brother both went to school here and if it wasn’t for music, I’d probably end up here. It’s a beautiful city, and there’s a really good vibe here with the people. It’s a fast paced city, but when you get to talking to the people, they’re really down to earth and willing to have a conversation with you. Honestly, I’ve found that a lot of people here really love country music, which you don’t really expect. For example, I came here years ago with my fiancé and we didn’t know what to expect in terms of the vibe of bars down by Wrigley Field (because you know Nashville is mostly country bars) but we went bar hopping, and like four bars in a row were all country! We were like, ‘wow!’ Then there was a SEC Alabama themed bar, and we were like ‘are we still in Chicago?’ (laughs) it’s diverse and there are lots of kinds of people that make the world go ‘round and I love that.”

Tripp: “YES! Also, Chicago has one of the best art museums I’ve ever been to.”

LANco collectively: “And The Museum of Science And Industry!”

Chandler: “I literally made a tornado with my hands there. Very cool.”

It’s been said that besides Nashville, Chicago is the #1 portal for country music in the Nation. Being a reasonable distance from Music City, with renowned venues such as Joe’s on Weed, it’s easy to see why. Speaking of, we are at the best festival around for BBQ, craft beer, and country music.

What are you most excited about in regards to the Windy City Smokeout?

Eric: “I love just being here. I’m excited to play the show, but I’m also really excited to try some of the good booze!”

Brandon: “I’ll tell you what, I try not to eat too much before shows, so I tried a small portion of pork already, thinking it would tide me over, but as I’m smelling the brisket in the air, I keep hoping it won’t distract me during the show! (laughs) I’ll be eating it all afterwards for sure.”

Tripp: “The fan base here for us has always been great. Every show we’ve ever played here has always been wild and crazy, so we’re expecting it to be a fun show.”

Jared: “anytime we get to play a show with Jake Owen in the lineup, it’s guaranteed fun. He’s talented. Looking forward to watching him tonight!” (LANco agreed, collectively.)

You guys are on a roll and it’s been exciting to watch you take off.

What’s next for LANco, musically?

Brandon: “We just finished up our first full-length album & we’ve got some cool stuff ready to go! Already with our latest single to radio, “Greatest Love Story,” people have been coming up to us after shows and letting us know that they really connected to it. It’s a great feeling! Our full-length album will be out in the fall so we will be doing a lot of touring and headlining coming up here too. If you want the full experience, we really encourage you to come out to our shows. We work hard at that, and you will really get to understand who we are that way. It’s a lot of fun that you can’t really capture on the record alone. We might even be up here playing at Joe’s around our album release! Stay tuned.

Brandon Lancaster has spoken…get yourself to a LANco show, especially if you haven’t yet! Until then, you can request LANco’s latest single, “Greatest Love Story” to your local radio station, purchase it on iTunes, or stream it on Spotify.

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