Larry’s Country Diner Episodes 3 and 4

The guests for Episode three of Larry’s Country Diner was award winning Texas fiddler musicians, The Quebe Sisters. The Quebe Sisters sang a few songs from their Every Which-A-Way album, including the title track, “Along The Navajo Trail,” “Summer Of Roses” by Willie Nelson and one of my person favorites, “Worried Over You.” The Quebe Sisters also talked about when and how they became a group and that they made their first album in 2003, and started touring all over in 2004/2005.

It was great getting to meet The Quebe Sisters. If you like true Texas Country sound with a little fiddle, definitely check them out!

Quebe Sisters and Emily

At the beginning of this episode, Larry Black’s son, Adam Black, made a surprise appearance to present a special gift to his father. On Adam’s way out of the scene, he broke the door handle. That didn’t ruin anything though. Everyone kept up and everyone laughed like nothing ever happened. That’s how you know the cameras are always rolling and they don’t care!

There was a special guest in the audience on the episode. Joe Edwards, a fiddle player for many years at the Grand Ole Opry was in attendance.

Nadine was a bundle of joy when she made her appearance. She was talking to Larry about dogs. Larry had just gotten a new Keeshond. Nadine said she took her dog to the vet and the doctor said it needed to lose some weight, so the doctor gave her some pills to put in the dogs food. They went back to the doctor and the dog hadn’t lost any weight. The doctor said “You’re putting it in his food right?” Nadine replied, “Yes, I’ve been putting it in his ice cream!”

Gus Arrendale was there talking about Springer Mountain Farms Chicken and presented Grand Ole Opry member, Jean Sheppard with her very own bobblehead!

I was super excited for the guest in episode four that featured The Texas Tenors! They regularly play at the Starlite Theater in Branson, MO and made it to the Top 4 on NBC’s show, America’s Got Talent. Performing with the band on guitar was Larry Hanson and on keyboard Timothy Lee who you may recognize from them playing with Bill Medley of The Righteous Brothers.

The Texas Tenors were there promoting a few different things. They were promoting their new DVD/CD, You Should Dream, and the Cruise with The Texas Tenors on February 12th-19th, 2017. They also discussed their new children’s book, Ruckus On The Ranch, and their new TV special on PBS that will be airing in June 2017.

They got the crowd going with some of their songs that they have covered including, a “Thank God I’m A Country Boy”/”Country Roads” medley, then slowed it down for “Amazing Grace,” “Sometimes I Dream,” and closed it out beautifully with one of my personal favorites from The Righteous Brothers, “Unchained Melody.”

It was great meeting the Texas Tenors and very nice of John Hagen to take a photo with me.

John Hagen and Emily

The “These Songs in This Year,” focused on 1970. Some of the songs included “The Fighting Side Of Me” by Merle Haggard, “He Loves Me All The Way” by Tammy Wynette, “Sunday Morning Coming Down” by Johnny Cash and “My Woman, My Woman, My Wife” by Marty Robbins.

The Texas Tenors have had a lot to celebrate lately including playing their 1,008th show, being named the No. 10 Classical Artist in the world, and also winning three Emmy’s for their current PBS special!

While we were in a commercial break, Renae the Waitress was trying to serve the audience, Marcus from The Texas Tenors got up and started helping her. I thought that was really nice to see. It showed that he cared to lend a helping hand!

Nadine appeared and said she was quite excited to see The Texas Tenors. Nadine said she had recently went to the post office and was talking about the woman in front of her that laid her package upon the counter and the mail lady said “This is heavy, you will need another stamp,” the woman replied “But won’t that make it heavier?” Nadine also said she couldn’t believe that people think that Judge Judy from TV was a real judge. Larry and the gang were saying, well they believe this is a real Diner and that she is an old lady or an old man!

Make sure to check out The Quebe Sisters and The Texas Tenors! They are both very talented groups in their own right. Do you watch Larry’s Country Diner? Tweet me @EmilyAnnWells and let me know what you think!

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