Lauren Alaina’s buckwild ways end with a burn on New Year’s Day

Hopefully this isn’t going to set the mood for the year 2015 for Lauren Alaina. The songstress was badly burned when boiling water was spilled all over her arm on Thursday, January 1st. Ouch, right?

Alaina told Taste of Country she and her boyfriend were cooking together at the time of the incident. “He was boiling noodles and went to dump out the water at the same time that I was turning on the faucet,” she explained.

You just can’t make this stuff up. I mean, it’s not even a cool story of like saving a kitten from a burning fire. Nope…just the ole case of boiling noodles and being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

For 13 hours she kept the arm in an ice bucket before the pain began to subside. 13 hours?! That’s more than half a day! Lauren took to her Twitter to get some tips. 

While there was no confirmation if the burns will leave a mark, she wouldn’t let it slow her down anyway. She’s got an Opry gig coming up on Saturday, January 3rd, and she’s sure to set the stage on fiiiiire. Too soon?

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