Concert Review: Lauren Alaina and William Michael Morgan

Last Saturday I had the privilege of going to the Harrisburg, PA Farm Show and Expo center. It was a rodeo filled with bull riding, horseback riding, skits and much more. What I was most excited for though was the artists. William Michael Morgan, who brings me back to George Strait and Tracy Lawrence. Then there’s Lauren Alaina who reminds me of Kelly Clarkson and Miranda Lambert.

The concert started out with William Michael Morgan, who dressed in a classic country look with the cowboy hat and black boots. He started out by singing songs from his EP such as “Vinyl.” It’s a fresh spin on a country love song. This song gives me goosebumps. He had me hooked from the first song and it just kept getting better. He included other songs from his EP such as “Cheap Cologne” and “Beer Drinker.” His song “Lonesomeville” has wonderful lyrics that fit together perfectly with the melody. You can tell he spent his time writing this song. Moran’s EP is filled with classic country that has a modern spin. It’s perfect for where country music is going. The audience knew it too.

William Michael live

As the concert went on the fans were cheering so loud. The band took a break from the stage and it was just Morgan up there. He sang “Troubadour” by George Strait and we were all having a hard time deciding who sang it better — trust me he’s that good. This country boy has pulled out all the stops. His charm, dedication and his talent are going to make him into a chart topper. His new single “I Met a Girl” is No. 31 on Billboard and it’s still climbing. This single is every girls dream. If the ladies weren’t hooked on him by now they were going to be after this song. His performance was one of a seasoned artist and he made it look so easy.

Next was Lauren Alaina who made her mark on the iconic show American Idol. Alaina did an amazing mashup of “I Feel Like A Woman” and “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” Her spunk and energy lit up the entire arena. She made it a point to let everyone know she wanted to be there and she loves what she does. She rocked a crop top, jeans and these fabulous boots showing the world she not only has talent, but she’s beautiful inside and out.

During the concert she saw a little girl with an adorable cowboy hat on. She started talking to this little girl and even signed her hat. Alaina knew how to win over the crowd. She reminds me of the girl next door — you just have to love her. She also sang songs like “Put a Ring on It,” which got everyone dancing, especially the ladies. She was loved from the minute she walked out on stage. She proved her vocal ability over and over again by singing country songs, pop songs, old songs and everything in between. Alaina won over the crowd right away. She’s a likeable person because she’s real. She talked about her personal life and how it got her to where she is now. Alaina emphasized how thankful she was for this life and how she would never take it for granted. After this heartfelt story she went into a song called “Road Less Traveled” that’s on her EP, and it hit home. Wow this girl not only put on a great show, but she gave everyone there hope…hope that this world isn’t such a bad place and hope that no matter what you’re going through, you can make it. This song is all about loving yourself for who you are. It created an emotion in the air that I have never felt before. The audience was mesmerized.

She then rocked out the rest of the concert with her new hit single “Next Boyfriend.” This song makes you want to turn the volume up and roll the windows down. She has the perfect attitude for this song and shows off her amazing ability to get the crowd involved every chance she can. This song is going to be a hit and the audience sang along to every word. They were living in the moment and this was the perfect one.

This concert showcased real talent. This is where country is going and I cannot be more excited. These two are changing where country music is going and they’re just getting better. These artists stayed after to sign posters, CDs, pictures, T-shirts and more. They even took the time to take pictures with every person in line. They were so kind to everyone and their energy didn’t change. I was lucky to attend such a great event and seeing these two artists in concert for the first time. I can’t wait to see them perform again.

Have you seen @wmmorgan or @Lauren_Alaina in concert? If so, tell me about your experience @cassielynnwells.

Cass and Lauren

Cass and William

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