Lauren Alaina Discovers New Ground With The Road Less Traveled

After her initial success as the runner-up on the tenth season of American Idol and growing a dedicated fan base with her first few singles, Lauren Alaina is back with a new album.

The collection of songs on her new album, the Road Less Traveled is everything you could want from a female country artist right now. Cover art is not usually something I comment on but this album’s art was incredibly well done. The “hands on hips” power pose in front of a larger than life compass exemplifies everything that the Road Less Traveled should portray. Not only is Lauren Alaina proud and in charge of making sure her fans have an amazing time connecting with her music, but she is also portraying the success of overcoming her own personal struggles. Listening through this album really took me on a journey and I think that is the mark of a solid success in any genre. The Road Less Traveled exemplifies characteristics that we should all aspire to have in our own lives.


Lauren Alaina is a fantastic role model for young girls and women everywhere. The album features songs that are mid-tempo, have a pulsing beat, and feature the power and strength of her vocals. Listening to songs “Doin’ Fine” and “My Kinda People” remind me of the success Cassadee Pope has had in country music.  The title track “Road Less Traveled” is by far one of my favorite songs on the album. Yes it may be pop leaning with its racing fast pace but it’s one of those infectious songs that you’ll love hearing whenever it comes on a country station.


Lauren Alaina showcases here that she is a multi-faceted and multi-talented artist. Reminiscent of a Carrie Underwood style song, with slower tempos and simple pure vocals, the lyrics of “Three” and “Same Day Different Bottle,” projects the struggles that people may go through but choose whether or not to show the outside world.  Similarly, “Think Outside the Boy” and “Painting Pillows” highlight her talent through a nostalgic 90s country feel.

Energy And Sass

Not every album can convey seriousness and within a few songs have that upbeat, turn it up to 11 feel. “Crashin’ The Boys Club” and “Holding The Other” kind of remind me of Taylor Swift after she morphed into the pop legend that she is today. These songs definitely play with the boundary of being too pop-country for some people; however, you may still find yourself cruising down the street singing along. Furthermore, nobody can deny the sassy side of Lauren Alaina that is showcased in “Queen of Hearts” and “Next Boyfriend.” Is anyone else getting a lit bit of a Miranda Lambert vibe here?


I think “Pretty” is the perfect song to end the album. It’s such a simple title for all that this song is able to convey to a listener.  Lauren Alaina’s voice here is quite simply beautiful and uplifting. It’s been a long time since a song has given me goosebumps on the first listen but that’s exactly what happened here. Whether or not she has experienced these things is irrelevant. These lyrics come to life and every girl should hear this song at least once in their lifetime.

Overall, I’ve given a lot of praise to this album and I think it is absolutely deserving. Lauren Alaina has delivered a collection of songs that covers all the bases and she still manages to sound like a superstar in the process. It’s often the case that fans get restless and maybe even a little impatient when their favorite artist takes longer than anticipated to put out new music, but when that celebrated day comes, it’s worth every minute that was spent wondering. Get ready to see what this talented young lady can do and find your own journey down the Road Less Traveled.

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