[email protected] Invites @TylerFarr to Join Him at @TheRyman (Listen!)

Lee Brice and his guitar stopped by The Bobby Bones Show on Wednesday, January 21st, for a jam-packed and entertaining interview. During his time with the nationally syndicated radio show, Lee introduced brand new music (still in the works), performed music off his I Don’t Dance album, and made a very special phone call.

Listeners were able to hear brief, acoustic versions of Lee’s hit songs “I Don’t Dance” and “Woman Like You,” a full performance of fan favorite “That Don’t Sound Like You,” and a piece of a song he is in the process of writing, “Learning to Live Again.” However, the funniest part of the interview came when Lee made an extremely early phone call to a West Coast-visiting, sleeping Tyler Farr.

A very vibrant Lee explained to Tyler that he couldn’t ask him sooner, due to a potential conflict of show dates, but now that the calendar had cleared up, he wants him to join him for his show at The Ryman in Nashville. An extremely groggy Tyler slurred out “Yeah man. I would love to,” which was met by hysterics from the Central Time Zoners. The consensus seemed to be that Lee should verify with Tyler again to make sure he remembers the phone call and commitment he made to his good buddy.

Oh, and Lee also shared a valuable piece of information … the title of his potential third single off Number 1 album I Don’t Dance. Lee referred to “That Don’t Sound Like You” as his favorite off the album, and we couldn’t agree more that this track should be in the running for a single. In fact, when we reviewed the album last year, we opined on the matter. From our Country Music #CMchat September 2014 review:

This particular track is begging to be released as a single, as it contains a little bit of everything and has mass radio appeal.

This radio interview is a must-hear for many reasons, most importantly being Lee Brice’s gorgeous and gritty vocals that always make our #CMchat team melt, followed closely by Tyler’s sleep talking.

Listen to Lee Brice’s full interview

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