[email protected] Releases Lyric Video for “Drinking Class” (Watch!)

Lee Brice recently experienced chart-topping success with the title track off his new album I Don’t DanceWith the album’s release earlier this week, Lee also announced the selection of his second single from the project, entitled “Drinking Class.”

“Drinking Class” pays homage to the hardworking, blue collared folks out there who get their hands dirty from nine to five, Monday through Friday. While these individuals don’t want to be classified into any particular sub-genre of the working class, they proudly own their roles, forming somewhat of a brotherhood among them. And where is the best place for a brotherhood to congregate? The bar, of course!

The chorus boasts: “I belong to the drinking class. Monday through Friday, man, we bust our backs. So if you’re one of us, raise your glass. I belong to the drinking class.”

Rather than being placed in a blue collar bubble, these men consider themselves one in the same with every other man who heads to the bar after a long day or week of work. Creating unity, Lee sings “we all know why we’re here. A little fun, a little music, a little whiskey, a little beer. We’re gonna shake off those long week blues.” Putting trade aside, everyone can raise a toast to the weekend, as they are all at the bar for the same purpose — to drink away the week and welcome two days of freedom.

Check out Lee’s new single “Drinking Class” here and click on the iTunes banner below to download his latest album I Don’t Dance:

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