#CMchat Exclusive: Levi Hummon Dishes On His Unexpected Musical Destiny

You’d almost expect an artist growing up in stardom to take up the spotlight that resonates in his genes. However, that was not the case for the son of hitmaker Marcus Hummon and Big Machine Label Group recording artist, Levi Hummon, who grew up with different career goals. His story is quite unique, and it proves that what is meant to be will be – all in its perfect timing. Recently, Hummon sat down with us to explain how heartbreak led him to his destiny as an artist and songwriter, what challenges he’s faced in the music industry thus far, and what fans can look forward to in the future.

You’ve worked alongside many notable artist and songwriters, including your dad, who is a Grammy award-winning songwriter.

Is there a specific piece of musical advice that anyone has given you that’s had a significant impact on your career or decision to pursue music?

“My dad’s always told me to be proud of my own unique voice. Being yourself is what defines you as an artist. I always try to be honest and write songs that are reflections of real life.”

Unlike most country music artists today, you were actually born and raised in Nashville.

Being predisposed to the music industry, have you always been interested in music or was there something else you were interested in pursuing instead?

“I’ve always played guitar and wrote songs on and off my whole life. Growing up it was never something I wanted to do professionally. It took a significant heartbreak in college for me to really pick up my instrument and start writing like a madman. I quickly moved back home and started chasing my newfound dream in music. It is pretty crazy (taking this long to get into music) being from Music City and growing up in the business.”

Let’s talk a little bit more about that.

What challenges have you faced growing up in the music industry and trying to break through on your own?

“Stepping out of my dad’s shadow is a big one, but I’m really thankful for him and his encouragement. I’ve worked really hard touring on my own and developing my own sound. The whole music business is challenging, but it’s fun and I love it.”

The ebb and flow of the country music sound has evolved and taken on different roles per say throughout the years, even since you were a kid. I’m sure you’ve noticed some significant changes in that time.

How does your music and vision as an artist fit into that change?

“My dad was really churning out hits in the 90’s so I remember the golden days when people still bought records. The change is really incredible and it’s still changing every day. Spotify, YouTube, everything is so different. But as an artist, I love it. I love being accessible to fans.”

I think it’s incredible how much you focus on including your fans in your career and using social media and the changes in the industry in a positive way to connect yourself further with listeners.

What can you tell us about your current single or any upcoming music you’re excited about?

Don’t Waste The Night” was a song we released this past spring because we had a ton of tour dates lined up. It’s really taken off on Spotify, Pandora, etc… and it’s been fun to watch people sing it back to me on the road. I have a lot of other awesome stuff I’ve been working on in the studio too, so get ready!”

Lastly, what is your biggest goal currently as an artist?

“My goal right now is to tour a lot this fall and spring and meet as many fans as possible. I love being accessible and that’s my goal for the rest of my artist career.”

Levi’s innate talent and passion for music coupled with his willingness to connect with his fans and be as transparent as possible is vital to his success as an artist. We look forward to watching him continue to grow as an artist and anticipate more new music! Stay in touch with Levi Hummon on his website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Author: Tiera Bolt

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