#CMchat Exclusive Interview: Lewis Brice

“With a sound rooted at the intersection of country, rhythm, and blues, and southern rock, Lewis Brice comes at you with high-energy stories; sounds that catch the ear and make you want to move.”

With a Stagecoach Festival set just weeks away, singer/songwriter Brice has been spending time on the road. His self-titled EP debuted in the Top 15 on iTunes country charts when it was released last year. After being named as one of Billboard’s Top 10 Artists to Watch and one of Rolling Stone Country’s 10 New Country Artists You Need to Know, Brice has been touring in support of his current single, “Alabama.”

Can you give us a little bio, from growing up in Sumter, South Carolina to now, as you prepare to perform at the Stagecoach Festival later this month?

“Born in Sumter, South Carolina, I grew up in a musical family. My mom and all of her sisters sang, they taught my dad to sing, so growing up I was always around singing and musical influence. My brother is also a very talented artist writing singing you name it. Singing in church is where it started for me, then through the years I learned the guitar and started playing for friends last. That transcended into places I worked, bars and such when I lived in Charleston, South Carolina, but then decided to come to Nashville after getting my degree in Charleston and come hang with my brother and be young. I jumped straight into writing and playing along with bartending, but then I finally chose music overall and been building my crowds and shows and now I get to jam on one of the biggest festivals in the states. I’m stoked!!”

Best memories from Can You Duet?

(Ed. Note: Brice appeared in CMT’s first season of “Can You Duet,” coming in 8th place out of thousands.)

“Ha. Best memory from ‘Can You Duet.’ Well, the process probably. Hurry up and wait was our motto, but what a great experience. The people I met on the show I still have friendships with and jam with. Also, was fortunate to meet and get to know Joey and Rory.”

Can you share the story behind “Ordinary Girl,” co-written with Dallas Rogers?

“So ‘Ordinary Girl‘ was one of the first songs I wrote when I moved to Nashville. I had met Dallas Rogers from a writer’s event – we were at something close to that. We got a write set up and after we wrote it, I got a recording of it with my bud Robby back from around my hometown.  Through satellite radio and a station down in Atlanta, I want to say Lance Houston spun it on his radio show and tracked enough to chart up to 67 on the media base charts. Michael Rogers radio rep at Curb Records called me up one day and shot me the chart. It was the same one that my brother (Lee Brice) was also on the charts in the 30s. Crazy first experience in Nashville with a song of mine.”

Will you be doing more acting, aka taking on the lead role in the music video for brother Lee’s “I Drive Your Truck” video?

“Well, I’m focusing mainly on my music currently not so much video, but I will have some new videos of my own coming out and I may play a role in it if it’s a cool part. Ha”

What are the backstories of the songs on your self-titled album? Are they all as personal as “Messin’ With My Mind” and “Best Ex Ever?”

“There’re backstories to all of the songs on my EP we put out last year. For instance, ‘Alabama‘ is kind of a story of how we grew up hanging in fields, and around bonfires, trucks, and things of that nature.

Still with You‘ I can relate to my parents.

Rob You Blind‘ kind of takes me into the world of bartending.

Best Ex Ever‘ was a half true radio edited version of the real story, which involves a payphone and a collect call from me to an ex of two years previous and giving good props for her helping me out of the situation I was in. Ha.

Messin With My Mind‘ (one of my favorites) is just a good ole true heartbreak and confusion story that I get to really sing on and let go.”

After being named as one of Rolling Stone Country’s “New Country Artists You Need to Know” and Billboard’s “Country Artists to Watch in 2018…”

Where do you see yourself in 2-5 Years?

“I like to keep a gradual build on my career and I set goals I feel that are attainable each year to get to the next level. I see myself in 2-3 years with more touring success, some radio success, maintaining a constantly growing business/brand and new music following more new music, enjoying where this crazy ride takes me.”

If you were driving cross-country and could only bring one CD, what would it be?

Boys 2 Men Legacy Greatest Hits album. Because you can just listen to that music and never get tired of singing it. So many different singing parts to learn. Ha.”

A movie of your life is being filmed – who are the leads?

(Ed. Note: Lewis’ band, known as The Escorts, consists of Nashville native Johannes Greer on drums, Phil Lester on bass, and guitarist/multi- instrumentalist Josh Waters.)

“I’d have to have James Franco play me. Dwight Yoakum would play my guitar player. Lenny Kravitz would play my drummer, Jonah Hill would play my bass player and Seth Rogen as my day to day, still working on the rest of the cast.”

What are the five things you can’t live without?

“I can’t (would rather not) live without Reece’s sticks, milk, music, the stage, traveling.”

If you were granted one wish, what would you ask for?

“I’d ‘wish for my life keep going like I’d never need to use a wish.’”

Country rock artist Brice will perform on the SiriusXM Spotlight Stage at the Stagecoach Festival 2018 on Sunday, April 29.

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Author: Donna Block

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