Little Big Town Looking for a Better Man with the Help of Taylor Swift

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift is the break-up song queen. She’s been through her share of heartbreak and I think that’s when she writes some of her best songs like “Back to December,” “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” and “Style.” But I think “Better Man” may be her best one yet. Is it because Calvin Harris was the hardest one to get over? The couple was together for over a year and looked like they were completely in love. I even thought he was the one for her, but in came Tom Hiddleston…wow total game changer! Some didn’t even realize Tom Hiddleston was in the picture, we just know him as Loki from Thor. Maybe that was Taylor Swift’s way of getting over Calvin Harris, but “Hiddleswift” didn’t last long and maybe she realized “Everything Has Changed.”

Little Big Town, known for some amazing songs themselves, took to Swift’s song and decided to make it their next single. Everyone can relate to a song like this, I mean who hasn’t been completely heartbroken over someone? Since she left country music I feel like the genre has something missing and Little Big Town was able to fill that hole again with Taylor Swift’s perspective.


The song starts with just instruments, slowly getting more and more involved. You are drawn into the song almost immediately. Then Karen Fairchild starts singing with her beautiful voice. The song has already become one of my favorites. As the rest of the group joins in, you realize that this was the perfect song for a group. I’m not sure if Taylor Swift intended it that way, but I think it works better. The harmonies add a different dynamic and feeling throughout the entire song.

I think the lyrics that hit me the most were:

“And I see the permanent damage you did to me
Never again, I just wish I could forget when it was magic”

and of course,

“We might still be in love
If you were a better man
You would’ve been the one
If you were a better man”

Something changes towards the end of the song. Everything seems to stop except for Karen Fairchild. She keeps singing and you can feel the pain through her voice as if your heart is breaking for her because you know exactly what she’s thinking about — you’re thinking about it too. Going through my first heartbreak during college, I could’ve used a song like this. Being vulnerable while listening to a song can help you heal. The vulnerability Taylor Swift emulates in this song is something we all have felt. If only all of us could tell the world how we feel about the boy who broke our hearts.

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