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WOW….could I have been more discombobulated if I tried?? Absolutely no words describe what went down during this Video Chat.  I was absolutely blessed to have Ronnie and Amy Shirley from Lizard Lick Towing as guests to celebrate Ronnie’s new album “Get Licked” which is available now and it’s always a pleasure to get to Twangout with Dee Jay Silver.

There was a slight delay in the time anyone was talking for some reason.  Also my monitor was fuzzy. I’d like to think most of the issues we’re technical but

    I also blame my brain.

Ronnie Shirley’s (star of truTV’s “Lizard Lick Towing”) first EP “Lick Life” was recorded with the help of friend and county-music DJ, Dee Jay Silver and features Charlie Farley, Marty Ray,  LoCash Cowboys, and Kyle Cook, and is produced by Phivestar Productions. Ronnie’s Hick Hop sound (which stays true to Ronnie’s North Carolina roots) will blow you away.

Things said in this Twangout:

“you got hit by lightening again”
“I’ve never been struck by lightening and gonna go with that’s a good thing”
“take your shirt off”
“show us your boot”
“Screw Disney”
“look at my fat thumb”
“All that light coming off your head is distracting me”
“in 9th grade I had a friend named Steve”
“I like twizzlers”

“I don’t think you can see this Jessica but there is a hole in my boot”
“that will make U smile like a hungry baby in a topless bar
“is this rapid fire”
“that’s not gluten free”
“you proly as lost as a blind man in a silent movie”

I apologize in advance for:
-Asking if BB King was still alive
-Calling Arkansas a city
-Being mean to Tim
-Marty being mean to me
-Me not knowing what was going on with Marty
-Technical issues

I don’t apologize for this, it’s AWESOME….well done Ronnie!

Ronnie Shirley Lick Life

Ron and Amy Shirley primarily repossess vehicles and machinery. Their clients are lien holders. Ron’s role is to locate and repossess property, while Amy deals with irate owners who come demanding that their property be returned. Ron opened Lizard Lick Towing in 1998 with one truck. With Amy’s help, the business grew over a period of 10 years to become a successful company with a staff of 15 and a fleet of 20 trucks. Ron, who is an ordained minister with a soft spot for people who have fallen on hard times, prepares a huge barbecue meal each year to help some of the people who have had their property repossessed by Lizard Lick Towing.
Dee Jay Silver on Twitter

Dee Jay Silver has been a top touring dj/remixer/producer for over 10 years, having played in premier venues in virtually every major market in the US, Mexico and Canada. Currently touring with Country Super Stars Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan for his second year on Aldean’s “My Kinda Party Tour”. Touring with the like of Eric Church, Thompson Square, Chris Young, The Jane Dear Girls, Rascall Flatts, Sarah Evans, Easton Corbin, & Justin Moore in 2011, Dee Jay Silver has entertained millions of listeners with his unique brand of party rock country style of music mixing. His high energy performances get the crowds moving – whether in stadiums paving the way for each new act coming on stage, or at top clubs and parties throughout North America. As a highly sought after crowd pleaser, Dee Jay Silver has energized large and high profile events and parties, including for the Coca-Cola Beach Party & Louie’s Back Yard Spring Break events, L.A. X-Games, MTV Music Awards after parties, Academy of Country Music Awards (ACMs), Country Music Awards (CMAs) after parties, Country Music Weekly Fashion Show, Jackass World Tour, Viva La Bam Spring Break Tour, and too many others to count.

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