[email protected] Gives Home to Orphaned Nephew

Last November Luke Bryan’s brother-in-law passed away, and left behind was Luke’s 13-year-old nephew, Til. He had already lost his mother previously, so this left Til without a parent figure. That is until now.

Luke has officially announced that he and his wife have taken Til, the youngest of three kids born to Ben Lee Cheshire and Bryan’s late sister, Kelly, into their home.

Luke and his wife Caroline had taken Til to the American Country Countdown Awards back in December, but it was just this week that he announced he has been taking care of him full time. So ridiculously amazing, but we are sure it’s an adjustment for all involved. Luke told select media that the transition hasn’t always been easy, but he’s doing his best to stay positive. Luke stated:

It’s every day on the phone all day, trying with talk to the family, figure out what to do.

Til’s two older sisters fly in regularly to spend time as a family. Caroline Bryan is the one really putting in the hard work, Bryan admits shared:

We’re exhausted at the end of the day, especially her from the new things that are going on in our life. But we feel like if we just stay positive through this maybe we’ll be a positive inspiration for people that have these things happen to them.

With a whole support team behind them, Luke is positive it will all work out.

I think people expect that from me. I have to pray that people that have had similar situations can look at my family and see me positively dealing with it. So now I went from having two boys in the house to having a 13-year-old boy in the house, which is a whole ‘nother set of learning that you have to do.

This just shows the character of Luke and his wife, Caroline; truly pulling together for their family in a devastating time like this. We wish them the best of luck with their new arrangement.

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