Mac McAnally

Sometimes we book a guest on Country Music Chat #CMchat and have to pinch ourselves at the notoriety of the person we are about to spend an hour with and get to know better. When we scheduled six-time CMA Awards Musician of the Year (and current nominee), Mac McAnally, we beamed with pride that such a well-respected and appreciated talent would be sharing a piece of himself with us and our followers. Upon completing the #Twitterview with Mac, we felt educated, enlightened, and mesmerized by what we heard from this musical prodigy whose repertoire is incomparable to any other in the industry.

Mac explained to us early in the evening that he was not the most Twitter-literate individual out there, but we beg to differ. Not only did he answer Jessica Northey’s questions, he remained in front of his computer and responded to question after question from eager and curious fans and followers. To call Mac McAnally humble, poignant, and appreciative would be understating how very special this singer/songwriter/musician proved to be during our evening with him.

If you missed our #CMchat #HumpdayHookup with Mac, you can catch up by reading the tweet recap below. We encourage you to take in everything Mac has to share, as he is a phenomenally intriguing person and an absolute legend in music.

AND then Mac kept answering questions!


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