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This week, we were incredibly fortunate to have female dynamic duo and AT&T Uverse Country Deep TV’s Artists of the Month, Maddie & Tae, for a special pre-CMA Awards Tuesday Twitterview. These girls in a country song have exploded on the country music scene; ruffled a few feathers along the way with their anti-bro country movement; and have certainly made their presence known by all.

Dot Records’ first signees, Maddie & Tae, have not just released a tongue-in-cheek single that has resonated with the industry and fans alike, but the two blonde bombshells have collected an enormous fan base all the while earning respect of their peers in country music by taking a stand and reminding everyone the females – as a whole – are far more than what the occasional song depicts. Perhaps this is why we had an amazing outpouring of excitement upon booking these lovely ladies for our special Twitterview on the eve of the CMA Awards.

Moreover, on the day of our Twitterview, Maddie & Tae released their self-titled debut EP, a collection of four songs that better introduces the girls to the fans of country music. Not only were we further acquainted with this duo’s snarky side on their EP, but we also were able to familiarize ourselves with a deep and introspective version of Maddie & Tae. This is how we started our day on Tuesday. We ended it by getting to know these adorably spunky, special, and talented artists through our exclusive Twitterview.

During the Twitterview, we learned that Maddie & Tae wrote their debut hit single “Girl In a Country Song” in one hour, never actually expecting anybody to hear it. They have been awfully surprised, considering the tremendous response they’ve received! We also found out that Maddie loves the outdoors and is a hunter, while Tae evidently prefers the indoors, considering she can solve a Rubik’s Cube. It appears this is a twosome you don’t want to mess with, as they are packed with beauty, brawn, and brains!

What else did we discuss with Maddie & Tae? Find out below in our Country Music #CMchat tweet-by-tweet wrap-up of the fun half hour Twitterview.

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