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Dot Records recording artists Maddie & Tae went from being girls in a country song to golden girls singing country songs. The young duo that is on radars across country music penned their debut hit song, “Girl in a Country Song,” on a whim, never expecting to experience such enormous success. Oh, how wrong they were.

Maddie & Tae recently received news that their first single moved 500,000 units, resulting in gold certification by the RIAA. Their much expected and extremely appropriate reactions looked something like this:

Once realization set in, the girls shared their feelings on the monumental career moment. Maddie stated:

We had no idea people would respond like this. We wrote a song where we looked at how the girl in these songs must feel… It’s hard, being expected to be in those Daisy Dukes and that bikini top all the time… Tae and I wanted to show people the other side.

Tae followed her musical partner with:

It is like a dream coming true. You work your whole life… You keep doing the things you know: singing and writing, keeping at it. Then all of a sudden, it starts to happen – and you keep working, and you keep hearing the most unbelievable things! The response everywhere we’ve been has been incredible from radio – and especially the fans… Now this? To be in the Top 5 and have a gold single…that’s crazy!

This is just the beginning of huge career moments for the duo, considering their debut EP also hit Number 1 on the Billboard New Artist Chart. Now, their sophomore single, “Fly,” is already rising to new heights and will likely continue to soar beyond their hopes and expectations.

Watch Maddie & Tae’s video for gold single “Girl in a Country Song”

Maddie & Tae EP

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