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Maddie & Tae’s new single “Fly” is doing just that. FLYing. In fact, its wings are so powerful that the song has people forgetting that Maddie & Tae recently took a stand against the “Bro Country” movement and has encouraged them to focus solely on the immense talents possessed by Madison Marlow and Taylor Dye.

With the new track impacting radio and recently being performed on the coveted The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, “Fly” is in the forefront of country music minds — the fans’ and the industry executives’. Now, in the midst of the booming success of the single, Maddie & Tae have revealed the artwork for the cover of the release:

Maddie & Tae Fly

Additionally, information has emerged about the dashing duo’s music video plans for this beautiful ballad. The video was directed by Brian Lazzarro (Rilo Kiley, Cory Chisel, The Cadillac Three, and Eli Young Band). In discussing the video, Tae explained:

Just like we didn’t want our second single to be like our first one. We didn’t want our second video to be a​nything like our first one, which was so fun. I think Brian really took the idea of how vulnerable you feel when you’re trying and it’s crazy… and found ways that weren’t literal to represent that.

Maddie added:

Brian’s amazing: the idea of ladders and chairs to show the climb? Being suspended – which we are in the performance – is just how it feels when you want everything to happen, but you’re sort of stuck in what you want and how it is. But that’s what the song’s about, too, those are the times when you really truly d​o​have to keep trying.

The video purports to capture females at various stages of life, while the underlying purpose of the video is a celebration of vulnerability and strength, belief even at times when it seems naive, and the will to strive toward a dream regardless of the odds.

You can watch Maddie & Tae’s “Fly” video here, on Country Music #CMchat, upon its release.

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