Album/Single Review: “Pull You Through” / “Just Getting By” Maggie Rose

After two very well-received EPs (The Variety Show: Vol. 1 and More Dreams > Dollars) over the last year or so, which produced hits like “Love Me More,” “Body On Fire,” “Same Sky” and “More Dreams Than Dollars,” Maggie Rose is back with new music. Two songs, “Pulling You Through” and “Just Getting By” are set for a Digital 45 release, which costs $1.98 when bought as a pair- less than a standard purchase of two individual songs. (Don’t worry, if you don’t purchase songs, these tunes are available on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music!)

So how did the songs fair? Well, let’s just say, they spoke to our soul.

Pull You Through

Writers: Maggie Rose, Larry Florman/Brother Love and Alex Haddard (both from the Rock & Roll Americana band, Them Vibes)

3 Words to Describe It: Soul, Romantic, Church

3 Chords & The Truth:

“When I’m feeling blue, when no light is shining through, darling, you pull me through.”

With a slow electric guitar opening, one would think if it’s another sad, emotional blues-leaning song. And then, tempo builds up. And the big chorus kicks in. “Hey, am I listening to soul music?” you’d wonder. Yes, “Pull You Through” is a soulful song to “a tee”. Genre lines may be blurred, but that offers listeners yet another presentation of the creativity and versatility the Maryland is capable of. 

This 3-minute song is a romantic ode to the man who has always been that pillar of support and strength for Maggie. (Hey hubby Austin Marshall, is that you?)

“When I need a friend, without even knowing you came in and showed me a love without end. Yeah, it’s true, darling, you pull me through.” 

This song is soulful country or just soulful music period- at its best. The big production (involving an electric, steel and acoustic guitar, drums, piano, and god-knows-what-else) augments that sound superlatively well. 

The bridge sees references to a holy baptism, alluding to that sense of renewal and “re-birth” this romance hits the singer with. 

“Wash over me with your river of love, I believe you make me wanna say hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!”

Maggie sings soaringly with passion, backed up by ardent and stirring harmonies prevalent throughout the song, making it so reminiscent of a joyful gospel tune. 

Thanks for transporting us to your kinda church that’s brimming with romance and gratitude, Maggie!

Just Getting By

Writers: Maggie Rose, Chad Carlson

3 Words to Describe It: Pensive, Hopeful, Committed

3 Chords & The Truth:

“All the shit keeps coming like a hurricane blowing through. So go ahead and tell me it will be OK, ’cause any day now baby, our love is gonna change.”

Now this, is a sad song. 

“Don’t try to tell me what you think I need. You won’t make it better and fix it all for me”

Maggie sings sombrely in the face of a crumbling relationship. She is fully aware and acknowledges the reality of their romantic plight, as evinced from the comparison to a perfect life in the chorus:

“Yeah, a white picket fence and a piece of land sounds nice, but baby that’s not our life.”

Man, with that wistful narration in her voice, we sure hope the storm clears for this relationship!

However, Maggie is not letting go of any fighting chance and glimmer of hope this love has, as she firmly believes that time is all this relationship needs to pan out well. 

“Don’t you forget that we got love and we got time, so even though it’s messy, I got you if you get me. Baby, we won’t always be getting by.” 

So, throwing in the towel is not an option.

And this song ends with a harmonious “whoa, whoa whoa, whoa whoa” that echoes the same moving backup vocals in “Pulling You Through,” but slower. 

“Whoa,” indeed. This two-song release just presented us with yet another side of Maggie, and we are awestruck. Dang is she a versatile vocalist! Put her in any genre and this singer-songwriter will shine. On the last two EP releases, the 29-year-old explored country-pop, pop, traditional country, and rock. 

This time, we see her soulful side, and boy did these songs offer us with one more reason to really, really like Maggie Rose.

Author: Jeremy Chua

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