Make Way For Country’s Newest Group: Two Way Crossing

It’s proving to be a busy spring for rising group Two Way Crossing, but according to founding member Jenny Marvin, that’s exactly the way the band likes it.

“We’ve been in New York, and the Bahamas on this run,” she says of their recent travels. “The week before that we were in Arizona and Mississippi, so we’re all over the place.”

Jenny founded the group with her husband Blake. She says it was definitely a leap of faith. “

We met and got married in Colorado about six years. We were living the normal suburban life. We just realized how much that music was at the core for us, and we were so passionate about it.”

Word began to spread of their talents, and sooner than later, the couple was faced with a decision – whether to continue to be the big fish in a small town, or cast their career fortunes into the net of Music City. “

So, we decided to sell everything and move to Nashville. We did that about three years ago, and auditioned some great guys, some of who are still with us in the band. We have a really strong core in the band. We’re a duo, but we re-branded as a band because it was really apparent that the guys who were in the band with us are always giving us so much of their heart and their soul,” (she says of fellow members Kevin Smith (guitar), Jaron Mossman (drums), and recent additions Jacob Garner (guitar) and Will Martin (bass).

In making the move, the couple knew the talent pool would be deep, but they weren’t prepared for another aspect of the city that pleasantly surprised them.

“We didn’t move to Nashville with our eyes closed. We did a lot of research. We did our homework. It is crazy. You come from this town – which I had actually lived in New York City for a while before I met Blake. I assumed that Nashville would be like it was there – kind of a dog-eat-dog world where it was really competitive, and people would say ‘Well, what are you singing?’ It was the opposite. We were welcomed with open arms. People have been so generous…Moving to Nashville has really been a great experience. I can’t speak for everyone, but we had some really great people that we met early on that have made it home for us, creatively.”

As far as musical influences, Blake counts among his biggest Garth Brooks and Tim McGraw, while Jenny definitely leans in another direction.

“I came from a more piano pop side – like Sara Bareilles. That’s why we’re called Two-Way Crossing. He leans a little more country, and I am more pop in our musical sound. But, I think that now, with the band, we love to have fun on stage. We love to bring the energy to a crowd so they can have a vacation while they are watching us on stage, and have a great time. Our sound is exciting and fun, and we hope positive. We just like to have a good time.”

Take a look at their website,, and you will see a full slate of shows on their schedule. Their live show is something they take a great deal of pride in.

“Traveling on the road is great, and we love getting to play all the shows that we do. Rehearsing, and getting the live show where we want it takes some finessing when we are at home. Sometimes, we’re at home for two days, and then we’re back on the road for a week and a half. But, on those two days, we’re rehearsing. We do put a lot of time in preparing for our show, because we think that’s important.”

One song they will be performing at those shows is the summertime anthem “Gettin’ Sun.”

“We have had the best time with this song. I think a lot of our friends and family members have heard it, and identify with it. We had to ask people not to share it for people just yet. Ryan Sorestad and I wrote the song while we were on the road in Minnesota in the middle of the winter about ten in the morning. We popped a Corona, and wrote it while it was snowing outside. Within two hours, the song just rolled out. It talks about being on the beach, having a boat, and all the things you do in the summer!”

What are the goals for the band? Blake says they want to shoot for the moon, and they have the drive – and the talent – to make it.

“We have really high goals. Everybody in the band really does, and that’s why rehearse so much. We want to be ready. I really do think the band and the sound is great, and I really think we can do it.”

Author: Chuck Dauphin

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