Melanie Meriney’s “Lifeboat” Official Lyric Video Release

Ever wonder what a songwriter was thinking when she penned one of your current jams? We asked songwriter Melanie Meriney just that about her current single “Lifeboat” (from the Up In Lights EP). 

At first listen the lyrics may seem focused on the guy whose heartbreak has him hooking up to get pain relief (a lifeboat), but it may be more about the girl who, knowing exactly what is going on, realizes that she may just need to keep that lifeboat for herself. 

How do you feel this song can be applied to life – accepting yourself & actions – and how empowering this is? What feedback have you received for the song? 

“‘Lifeboat‘ to me is about vices.  When faced with a situation or emotions you don’t want to deal with, it’s easy to seek reprieve in someone or something else.  What we don’t always accept at first, but inevitably find out later, is that these reprieves are temporary and don’t take care of the issue at hand.  So our choice is either to indulge that false feeling of escape or to face our issues head on.”  

Lifeboat” is a two-sided song.  We hear our singer’s acknowledgment that this guy is using her to escape his feelings of a breakup.  But we also hear her own insecurity in the second verse

“You don’t want to be lonely, boy you’re not the only one”  

She is also using him for her own emotional escape.  At the same time, she recognizes that what they are doing is not what they actually need. 

You don’t need a lover, you just need a lifeboat”  

They aren’t looking for love, they’re looking for someone to keep them from drowning.

“The song has gotten a lot of good reception so far.  When choosing a single, my team kept coming back to “Lifeboat” for the relatable lyrics that take a common story while shifting the perspective a little bit.  A lot of the songs on the album are about self-image and “Lifeboat” can definitely be applied to this theme.  Once we recognize our flaws and our vices, we are able to actively decide if we want to enable them.  In this way, I think “Lifeboat” can be empowering.  It’s about holding yourself up to a mirror and really evaluating your choices.  It’s only after the singer does this that she has the opportunity to move in a different direction.  I think acceptance is the first step.”

Watch the official lyric video below. The song’s official video is scheduled to be released later this year.

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