Michael Ray Explores Complete Vulnerability With “Get To You”

After two number one singles with “Kiss You In The Morning” and “Think A Little Less,” Michael Ray is establishing a name for himself in the country community. He is back with the lead single off his sophomore album (that’s slated to drop later this year). Instead of going the typical summer party/uptempo anthem route, Ray has chosen to show an incredibly vulnerable and emotional side of him with “Get To You.”

This Abe Stoklasa and Pavel Dovgalyuk-penned midtempo ballad spells three letters all over it: HIT. With a strong production, stellar vocals (as usual), catchy and power-packed chorus, impressive falsetto and lyrics drenched with wistfully sad emotions, we can’t figure out why this song won’t be Ray’s 3rd #1.

While the track is production-heavy, it does not, in the slightest way possible, bury Ray’s vocal power in bringing out the emotive quality of the song. Instead, that very quality is bolstered so well that you’ll be grabbed by the heart and made to feel the same heartache the protagonist is feeling for his romantically-scarred girl. Soon, you’ll find yourself asking, “why can’t she just give him that chance to love her?”

“Why do you run away from love / What the hell are you so scared of / I’m just trying, trying to get to you”

It’s hard to not feel for the guy with all these promises and assurances actually. After all, he just wants to make it work, amidst the storms of a relationship. Which then, of course, makes us wonder: was Ray solely the detached narrator and vocal deliverer? Because the way he lends his voice to this pensive song, you’d wonder if it’s something he’s been through before.

You heard it here first. Michael Ray is going to have his 3rd number one with this song. Be prepared for a remarkable add day and chart run when “Get To You” hits country radio early next month!

*3 chords & the truth*

“Girls there’s always gonna be a little pain /a little sunshine, a little rain / It doesn’t mean it ain’t worth it babe. / I’m trying, I’m trying to get to you”

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