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Capitol Records Nashville recording artist and Country Music #CMchat One to Watch, Mickey Guyton, has been turning heads since she made the move from California to Tennessee to pursue her country music dreams. From the moment country lovers started hearing clips of Mickey’s debut single “Better Than You Left Me,” it was glaringly clear that this young lady was someone special and someone to keep in mind.

The good news is that Mickey will now not just be somebody to remember, but somebody who is sitting in the forefront, as her breathtaking career-leading single will be making its way to radio in mere days (January 12th). It’s time for Mickey to plant her feet because her life is about to change extraordinarily, and for the better, as soon as “Better Than You Left Me” makes its world premiere.

Risking redundancy, it is important to note that “Better Than You Left Me” could very well be one of the strongest female debuts we have heard in quite some time. Mickey puts it all out on the table with her first release, not abiding by what seems to be the “norm” in country radio as of late and brilliantly introducing a powerful ballad that adequately demonstrates the entire spectrum of her vocal range. What makes this release even more special is that, along with its “outside the proverbial box” sound, Mickey doesn’t forsake what country music is looking for in a breakout female artist — talent, confidence, and the song.

In this inevitable smash hit single, Mickey takes the stance of the woman scorned who won’t allow herself to revisit the place of rejection with which she has become all too familiar. Learning from her mistakes and allowing herself to take two steps forward after every one step back, Mickey teaches ladies a valuable lesson as she sings:

I’m better than you left me, I’m better than I should be, better than I was when you walked out that door. I’m stronger than the woman, the one that you knew back then, so don’t you think I’ll take you back like every time before. No baby, I don’t think you know me anymore, I’m better than you left me.

In a brief bridge that takes only four lines to exhibit one of the best vocalists to emerge from Nashville recently and one to keep on your radar in 2015, Mickey sensationally wails:

Now I love deeper and I laugh a little bit louder, I smile brighter and I fly higher.

With “Better Than You Left Me,” Mickey Guyton is pulling out all the stops to ensure she is heard by country music fans, and anyone who recognizes exceptional music will be hard pressed to not listen to what she is bringing to the table. Mickey, get ready, get set, because with this song kickstarting your career, you will be on the go more than you ever dreamed imaginable.

Listen to Mickey Guyton’s “Better Than You Left Me”

Mickey Guyton

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