Mickey Guyton Paints Beautiful Imagery with “Nice Things”

Good (and “Nice”) things come to those who wait- with patience and anticipation. 

For many fans of the 34-year-old, it is patience that has become a virtue they’ve learned to master. Why country radio hasn’t fully embraced the incredibly talented Mickey Guyton into its airplay arms is still bewildering to many.

First introduced to the country community in 2015 with the emotional and empowering “Better Than You Left Me,” Guyton became known for her killer vocal chops that plays second fiddle only to Carrie Underwood in the format. Her debut single, along with another fan favorite ballad, “Why Baby Why,” showed the vulnerable side of the otherwise bubbly, fun-loving and vivacious singer. 

In June 2016, Guyton released her follow-up single, the fun and up-tempo “Heartbreak Song.” Unfortunately, for reasons unbeknownst, it failed to make much of a dent on the country charts. 

Slightly over a year later, Guyton is back with something pretty “Nice.” What I really love about this song is its amazing narrative, which we have Guyton, Stephanie Chapman and Liz Rose to thank for. Although lyrically sad, “Nice Things” isn’t your typical heart-wrenching ballad. The melodic tempo colors the song with vibrance. It is light-hearted with . Sonically, the chorus subtly reminded me of Taylor Swift’sMean.” 

“You stole my heart and then bent my wings, your mama always said you can’t have nice things” 

Now, let’s talk about why this track is a narrative masterpiece. 

Lyrically, the woebegone song paints a picture of a love story that never saw a happy ending. The protagonist laments her struggle with her ex and how he failed to provide that love and concern for her. I mean, she “cried out, (he) did not care.” 

The girl who gave her all saw her dreams and true romantic happiness — or that’s what she thought at least — crushed by a “boy” who,

took the stars and threw them in the dark till they rusted right through.”

We can only imagine how emotionally battered and heartbroken she must be. It’s just like, pouring your heart and soul into something or someone, and have it trampled on without the slightest consideration or hesitation. 

It is nebulous to figure why the self-infatuated guy would do all that but, can we blame him for all the pain he’s inflicted on the girl he loved? After all, his…

mama always said he can never have nice things.”

Could it have been ingrained in him all along that he destroys everything great in his possession, even relationships? Or were her words prophetic; he could never have one of the nicest things ever, and that happened to be that “priceless” girl? 

While it remains to be seen when Guyton’s debut album will (finally) roll out or whether this serves as her third single to country radio, we hope “Nice Things” speaks to the hearts of every listener and leaves them in awe of the beautiful visual imageries painted by the art of songwriting in this song. That, to me, is the biggest selling point of this song, apart from Guyton’s vocals. 

And, hey, we certainly hope no one has a mama who interdicts her child from having nice things like that! Yikes. That sure is lugubrious in every possible way…

Author: Jeremy Chua

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