Mike Ryan Appeals to The Masses With Brilliant New Album, Blink You’ll Miss It

Mike Ryan released his latest album, Blink You’ll Miss It on October 20, 2017. It’s the follow-up album to Ryan’s Bad Reputation, which yielded three number one songs on the Texas Music Chart as well as an award for New Male Vocalist of the Year by Texas Radio. As a writer on Brad Paisley’s current radio hit, “Last Time For Everything,” Mike Ryan continues to prove his songwriting talent as a co-writer on five of seven tracks on Blink You’ll Miss It. The album, produced by Brent Anderson (also a co-writer on four of the tracks) melds the line between contemporary and traditional country music and it is a game changer for country radio.


  1. Blink You’ll Miss It” (Mike Ryan, Casey Twist, Randall Clay) As the title track, this is a nostalgic, 90’s country music vibe. It boasts a powerful set of lyrics set to a catchy hook.
  2. New Hometown” (Mike Ryan, Chris DuBois, Brent Anderson) Break-up song about needing a change of scenery after a love gone wrong. It’s equal parts encouraging and heartbreaking with a traditional meets contemporary country vibe.
  3. Other Side of the Radio” (Brent Anderson, Gordie Sampson) All set to an up-tempo, steady pace, the first thing you’ll notice is the soothing vocals, then the lyrics will tug at your heartstrings.
  4. One Way” (Chris Stapleton, Lee Thomas Miller) Penned by Chris Stapleton and Lee Thomas Miller, this track is sure to not only appeal to the Texas country crowd but the Nashville crowd as well. With convicting lyrics like, “ain’t it funny how it used to be, used to be so right?” It describes, “time is a river, it only runs one way”
  5. Damn Good Goodbye” (Mike Ryan, Chris DuBois, CJ Solar, Brent Anderson) This track is a farewell ode to the past, to young love that knowingly won’t survive the aging of the future.
  6. “Sad Song” (Mike Ryan, Clint Lagerberg, Brent Anderson) You might recognize this track if you listen to Sirius XM’s The Highway, as it was featured as a Highway Find. The piano-heavy ballad flaunts Ryan’s strong, flawless vocals. Lyrically, it predicts heartbreak before it hits, comparing the girl to a sad song waiting to happen.
  7. “The Rewrite” (Mike Ryan, Chris DuBois, Brent Anderson) This is the exclamation point at the end of the statement for Blink You’ll Miss It. Originally written as a love song, this upbeat, breakup anthem took a new turn during a “rewrite.” The lyrics literally warn, “this is a new song, a screw you song,” bluntly telling off an ex while being hopeful of a happier future. The track even includes a shredding guitar solo appearance by Brad Paisley.

Blink You’ll Miss It is a must-have for anyone searching for more musical and lyrical depth than most trendy country music can offer. Be sure to keep up with Mike Ryan on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and check his website for tour dates to see when he’s coming out to a town nearest you.

Author: Tiera Bolt

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