Miranda Lambert Thinks ‘We Should Be Friends’

But really. We should be friends!

Miranda Lambert penned her new single “We Should Be Friends” and you can tell just by the lyrics that she means it.

If you borrow dresses like you borrow time
If you dream all day and drink all night
If you’re looking for love but willing to fight
Over men and momma’s and Miller Lite, well then
We should be friends

I know every girl out there knows the hardships of relationships and dreaming about the day when you finally “make it.” We all have borrowed our girlfriend’s dresses for a dance or two, or that special first date when none of your clothes are good enough. You always feel more comfortable in your best friend’s button-up than your own. Maybe you’re hoping that some of their confidence rubs off on you, we’ve all done it.

This song shows the world that Miranda Lambert is back. Her two-disc album The Weight Of These Wings was honest, thoughtful, hurtful, but joyful. Realizing all the pain she’s gone through, and how she’s getting through it, made for a powerful album. “We Should Be Friends” proves that she’s moving on…or already has. It’s fun and quirky, but real. Miranda Lambert understands us girls and I feel like no matter who you are, anyone can relate to her album and this song. She’s our generation’s Shania Twain!

We all need someone to look up to and Miranda Lambert fits the bill. She doesn’t try to be anyone she isn’t. A Texan, with a couple tattoos, and an outlaw attitude. She doesn’t try to be perfect because she knows no one is and I think everyone could take notes on that. Sometimes we have such high standards¬†for ourselves and other people, but the reality is, we’re all humans trying to get through each day successfully.

I am more impressed with this album than any of her previous ones. She’s doing something right and knows that fighting against the mold is exactly what we all need.

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