‘Rowdie’ Mitch Goudy

There are two different sides to newcomer Mitch Goudy. One is the singer who goes by his given name – a shy, quiet Iowa native who is currently trying to make a mark with such emotional songs as “My Girl’s Hand,” his current single. But, get him on stage, and another persona comes into play – “Rowdie” Goudy. He tells #CMChat that the name says it all.

“I actually have had that name since I was really young. It’s really just the way I go about life. It’s not necessarily that I’m gung-ho and crazy, it’s just my lifestyle. The way I go about things is all out. I demand for things to get done, and I go about them with all of my heart. But, there are also a few stories in high school about me that float around that solidify the name. I’ve been called that since that since I was in kindergarten, and it seems to have stuck pretty well. I’ve really built a brand around it. The fans love it. They are actually called ‘Rowdies,’  and I hear ‘Howdy, Rowdie Goudy a lot,’ so there’s a lot of rhyming going on,” he says with a laugh.

Goudy says that his goal when he’s on stage is to take the audience to another place.

“The music starts to flow through me, and I start to do things that are crazy,” he admits. “I’m a runner on stage, I jump around, and am all over the place. I want you to leave my show going ‘Wow.’ That was high energy, fun, and something I haven’t experienced before. That’s what I’m working on.”

Right now, the singer is working on promoting his new single, which he said is one that comes from his pen – and he didn’t have to improvise when it came to the emotion of the song.

“It was the first song I ever wrote. It happened before I ever moved to Nashville, and I wrote it simply for myself. I never told anyone I was a songwriter – even after I moved here. The situation was true. There was a girl in my high school who I had a crush on since middle school, and always wanted to date her. But, she always had a boyfriend. I always remember that I thought ‘Man, I wish I was holding her hand.’ It turned into a song. I hid it from people for about a year, and one day, my manager asked if I had ever written a song. I said ‘Yeah, but it’s not very good.’ I ended up playing it for him, and that actually led to the management deal. Now, it’s on the radio doing well. You don’t hear too much of a softer side from me, so it’s a nice change,” he says.

The track is from his sophomore disc #ROWDIE, of which he says he is very proud.

“I wrote the songs, played a lot of the instruments on it, and co-produced it. That was huge for me, because it was something I’ve always wanted to do. Every single note is truly how I feel about it. I’m very hands on with the album, and I think that resonates in everything you hear.”

Influence-wise, the singer admits he was listening to a lot of different sounds while growing up in Iowa.

“I listened to a lot of Bob Seger, James Taylor, Garth Brooks, and AC/DC, and even a little bit of electronic music. I never really knew that there was a difference between them. My philosophy was that a good song is a good song. It’s about the words and the emotion, and how it affects people. I pull from different genres, and come away with a unique style of music. It’s just a natural thing that happens.”

He also made time for some fun growing up, as well.

“I grew up in a small town called Fairfield. I worked on a farm, and my friends and I would go fish every day after school at this place called The Cottage. We lived a very rural lifestyle, but there was a lot of culture around us. I grew up listening to not only country music, but also other sounds, too. I hadn’t been to Nashville until I was well into high school. That shows in the music I’ve been writing. It’s my life. It describes a lot of people’s lives in Iowa, and that resonates. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m not back there some day.”

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Author: Chuck Dauphin

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