Mitchell Tenpenny’s Authentic New EP “Linden Avenue” is a Must-Have

In late July, Riser House Entertainment artist, Mitchell Tenpenny, released his latest EP, Linden Avenue. The EP is honest and heartfelt, appropriately named after the street that one of his greatest inspirations – his grandma – grew up on. In listening to Linden Avenue, you’re going to first notice how euphonic Mitchell’s voice and music is, but when your focus shifts to the lyrics, you’ll undoubtedly be blown away by the authenticity that beams from each song. I asked Mitchell what he hopes listeners gain from listening to Linden Avenue, and he answered.

“A sense of authenticity — I was very honest with everything I recorded and released, and I hope it comes across that way. I hope listeners are able to relate with each of the songs on the EP.”

Track Listing:

“Laid Back” With its country-meets-tropical vibe, this is exactly what you’ll want to listen to when you’re rushing home from work on a Friday evening, ready to kick it up for the weekend, but it’s also relaxing enough to help you loosen up and get “laid back” poolside or on vacation.

“Mixed Drinks” It’s an upbeat song, but the lyrics probe deeper as they touch on an outsider’s view of a woman’s way of coping with heartbreak. Tenpenny explains why this song holds special meaning to him, “writing ‘Mixed Drinks’ is how I met two of my best friends, Andy Albert and Jordan Walker (of country music duo, Walker McGuire). We just clicked and had so much fun writing this song. Even today, it is still probably my favorite songs I have ever written.”

“Make It To The Party” This is a peppy, tastefully sexy adrenaline rush of a song, enhanced with slight pauses before heavy beats. It’s about being so caught up in the moment with your sweetheart that you reconsider whether or not you’ll even make it out of the house – and that’s just fine!

“Truck I Drove In High School” Out of all the tracks on this EP, Tenpenny commented,

“‘Truck I drove in High School’ just has a very clear representation of who I am.”

It’s enjoyable, modern-meets-90’s country musical vibe, that literally feels like you’re listening to yourself cruise along in an old, rusty truck driving down a dusty country road with your best friends. It’ll awaken nostalgic memories that will surely have you smiling while this track is bumpin’!

“Bitches” Don’t let the title throw you off, this song is less brash and about as authentic as it gets in terms of straightforward advice about deceit. It has a serious, enticing beat that makes a clear statement about anyone who cheats. He’s at his wit’s end of tolerating the antics and knows he deserves better. He blatantly titles any cheater a “bitch” and he “don’t deal with bitches no more!” Bam.

“If The Boot Fits” Acoustic – You’ve probably heard of Granger Smith’s smash version on the radio, but did you know that Mitchell Tenpenny (alongside Jordan Schmidt, and Andy Albert) wrote this track? This original acoustic version is a treat for your ears, and a MUST listen. I personally like the way this track shows off Tenpenny’s controlled vocals. It’s the cherry on the top of a well-rounded EP.

Closing thoughts from Mitchell Tenpenny on what he’s most proud of on Linden Avenue?

“I’m most proud of how Linden Avenue represents me as an artist. The effort we put into each and every song – we worked really hard on this record, and I hope it shows.”

I’d say the boot certainly fits, Mitchell!

Mitchell Tenpenny’s must-have EP, Linden Avenue is available for purchase today, or you can stream it on Spotify. Be sure to follow Mitchell Tenpenny’s journey via his website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Author: Tiera Bolt

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