Five Life Lessons from Mo Pitney’s New Album

I think that Mo Pitney is one of the best, if not the best ‘under the radar’ artists around! He recently released new album Behind This Guitar featuring his debut single “Country.” I guess you could say Mo has always had country music in his heart, he started playing drums at six and guitar at 12. He was ultimately encouraged to move to Nashville by a friend, and I’d personally like to thank that friend.

Mo brings us back to a time where country music was simple, full of faith, and all about love. He doesn’t disappoint you with any of his song choices because with each song you feel like he’s singing right to you and talking to you about life lessons he’s learned from Behind This [His] Guitar.


Always “Take The Chance”

Take that leap of faith- always. Whether it’s taking that job, moving away for better opportunities,  or meeting that special someone. Go out on a limb! Because even if it doesn’t work out how you think it’s supposed to, it just might teach you something important. It’s a slower song with a soft drum beat. It highlights Mo Pitney’s amazing voice. He really wants to draw you in and make you listen to the words.

Behind This Guitar is Mo singing about his own dreams. Always being different from the other kids and playing his guitar every chance he got. He still can’t believe how far he has gotten, but it’s all about hard work and most of all your support system. He’s “not the only one behind this guitar.”

Love Can Completely Break Your Heart or Put it Back Together

“Clean Up On Aisle Five” will rip your heart out. A guy is just living his everyday life and decides to go to the store when he runs into the love of his life that is no longer his. It’s a song full of desperation and longing. Mo sings the lyrics perfectly! You can almost imagine him in the store on aisle five.

Falling in love is something that happens every so often. In “Come Do A Little Life” Mo sings his heart about living life with a special girl by his side. The drums keep up the beat of the song and you find yourself tapping your foot along to the song

How to Be “Country”

In his debut single “Country,” he sings about all the things country folks do and it doesn’t have to be on a farm. As Mo would say “It’s a place in your heart” and everyone needs to have some country in them. At the end of the song, Mo stresses how important it is to honor our troops, especially the ones who have lost their lives in the fight for his/her country.

Your Pets Are Your Family

In “It’s Just A Dog,” Mo sings about finding a dog on the side of the road and his journey with her. Like digging holes in the yard, chewing on shoes, and sitting in the passenger’s seat. He didn’t think twice about spending half of his savings to save his dog after she got hit by a car, but “it’s just a dog right?” Losing an animal is such a painful experience and as I’m writing this, I’m getting emotional. This is my favorite song on the album!

Faith is so Important

The title says it all, but “Give Me Jesus” is one of his most important songs on this album. His faith is evident and unwavering. Like an old rhythm you hear in church, Mo takes you back to a better time. No matter what is going on in your life, you will always have Jesus to count on.

If you buy any album this year, this is the one!

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