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Where did Muscadine Bloodline get their unique moniker? The name comes from the duo’s pride in their origins. Bloodline represents where they are from (Mobile, Alabama) and Muscadine is a grape that grows in the south. While they lived close to one another growing up and share a number of friends, their paths did not cross until they moved away from their hometown.

Charlie Muncaster and Gary Stanton came together as Muscadine Bloodline in 2016. Muncaster had performed as a solo act since he got his first guitar at age 14. His EP, Alabama Summer Night, was released around the time he relocated to Nashville three years ago.

Stanton was just eight when he began strumming a guitar, aspiring to be a rapper. He majored in Entertainment Industry Management at the University of Southern Mississippi. His plan was to move to Nashville after graduation. He didn’t focus on songwriting until a song he penned went viral on Facebook. His debut EP, Somethin’ Sweet, was released in 2013.

Rolling Stone named the two as ‘new country artists you need to know’ in February of last year. The magazine described their sound as A grittier, more vulnerable Love and Theft with solid harmonies that never feel superfluous, and spirals of guitar evoking New Found Glory…” The result is a sound that wavers between exact harmonies and unfettered anthems, all with a bit of an emo heart.

WD-40,” from their self-titled debut EP, is gaining fast traction on Sirius XM’s The Highway for its clever chorus that appeals to anyone who feels equally as amorous about a rich drawl as they do a power chord. But the duo’s not afraid to be sentimental.

“We’ve had a motto that we make music that moves people’s hearts and not their hips.”

The two performed for the first time at Stagecoach this year. It was also the first time they had been to California and described it as “an incredible opportunity.” Those years that they sang as solo acts taught them a lot. 

Muncaster: “Each bring different things. It’s a good partnership. We learn from each other. Whatever I’m good at, or whatever he’s good at, we let that person take the lead.”

Together they give 200% because “they have two guys giving 100% each.” They were humbled to have fans singing along with their songs in a place they’d never been.

Stanton: “There is no better feeling than fans singing your lyrics, saying I came for you. That’s the most humbling feeling. Our fans are active and such an awesome thing for us. We want our fans to want to have a beer with us and hang with them. That’s the most important thing.”

Any fan wanting to hang with the guys best be prepared to live life at 100 miles an hour. They want to seize every wonderful moment that comes their way. Even when they have to deal with broken strings and nonworking in-ear monitors. At a festival in Panama City, Florida, Stanton broke a string and had to improvise with five strings for the performance. They’ve each had their in-ear monitors, their on-stage lifelines, cut out. The duo watch fan’s mouths as they sing along to compensate for the equipment failure. Muncaster and Stanton know they are their biggest critics and sometimes need to be reminded it’s ok to mess up.

Muscadine Bloodline’s second EP, Movin’ On, was released the day before their Stagecoach show in April. The two co-wrote all five tracks. Produced by Luke Laird, the vocals and storylines are country strong. Their first, self-titled, EP includes the single “WD-40,” which draws an analogy between a girl’s love and duct tape / WD-40, as both have the ability to fix anything.

Movin’ On (Co-written by Cary Barlowe, Charlie Muncaster, Gary Stanton)


Two kids from Mobile.

“When we played our debut at the historic Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, our moms surprised us with their attendance. It was the cherry on top to a night we will never forget and a testament to how we will always be their little boys chasing their dreams. Thanks for always being our number 1 fans. Happy Mother’s Day.” (May 2018

Check out their Unreleased Series including “Too Much 

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Author: Donna Block

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