Old Dominion Bonds With Chicago Over Back-to-Back Sold-Out Shows

The bond between Chicago and Old Dominion dates back two years when the band played their first large-scale, sold-out show ever. There was a magical feeling in the air that night, and an incomparable tie was formed between the Chicago fans and Old Dominion. Their Chicago fan base has exploded since, yielding back-to-back sold-out shows (November 19 and 20, 2016) for the Meat and Candy Tour at an even larger venue this time, Joe’s Live. Check out these highlights from night number two!

Though the core of the show and radio singles stayed consistent, the two nights at Joe’s Live had varying set lists. Before Old Dominion became “Old Dominion” they were already becoming highly regarded songwriters in the country music industry. They have been responsible both collectively and individually in the writing of numerous No. 1 songs for other artists as well as themselves. Their sets consisted of songs recorded by these artists, such as Sam Hunt, The Band Perry, Tyler Farr, Blake Shelton, and more. Watch this clip of “Make You Miss Me” which was unique to the set on the second night!

Every Old Dominion concert veteran knows that there is an unrecorded, hidden gem of a song that you can only hear live at shows. When it happens, you can expect to see jumping, shouting, tears of joy, and an unparalleled liveliness from the die-hard fans singing along to every word. Listen to a clip of that song, “I Can’t Get You.”

Live concerts are the best opportunity to catch a first listen of the brand new music that artists are working on. Old Dominion sang a couple new songs, including this “Be With Me,” about a guy trying to get the attention of a new girl.

Further bonding between Chicago and Old Dominion was shared via light-hearted laughter throughout the night, and it wouldn’t feel right to leave out one big detail that for some, completely made the show worth attending. That would be a dance move known among OD fans as the “Matt Wiggle” courtesy of a jubilant Matthew Ramsey. Wait for it…and enjoy!

The encore included a few last-minute requests from the crowd, such as “Wake up Loving You” and closed out with vivacity after logging 105 minutes of stage time from the guys. Ramsey’s final words to the crowd were spoken out of genuine appreciation, “Chicago, every time we come here, you guys sing to us just as much as we sing to you. You will always be a special place to us. Thank you.” Don’t miss Old Dominion on their Meat and Candy Tour!


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