#CMchat Exclusive Interview With Parmalee

Parmalee’s story to get to Nashville is one of beating the odds. I still can’t believe that I recently had the opportunity to sit down and interview them. They were generous, pleasant and outstanding souls. Because they made it, we have the pleasure of hearing songs like “Carolina” and “Already Callin’ You Mine” on the radio.

Why Parmalee?

“Everything else was taken. We knew no one else would take it (laughs). Our manager actually suggested it though. We were practicing in Parmale, NC. Just happened to be that we were looking for a name and it was just like there it is- right in front of us.  But we had to add the extra ‘e.’”

Looking back, what advice would you give yourself when you were first starting out?

“Don’t run up all those credit cards (laughs). But I mean we had to. Our story is so crazy, so it’s just hard to think that if we hadn’t had done one thing then something else wouldn’t have happened. But just keep doing what you’re doing.” 

What’s one thing you do before every show?

“Vocal warm ups. But a shot of crown and a Busch Light. We’ve been together so long and had to drive in a van so, we don’t do the cheers thing.”

Who is an artist or a band that you would like to tour with?

“Jason Aldean. I think that’d be a great crowd for us. The Foo Fighters would also be fun. That would be a different crowd for us.”

What song are you most proud of and why?

“‘Carolina’ it’s gotta be. We wrote it, it was No. 1, and it’s the song that got us into the country music business. It’s responsible for everything we have right now.”

What are three things you would like your fans to know about you?

“We have new music! We have a new song called ‘Roots’ coming out in April and also a new album this year. Everybody has been waiting a long time and we’ve been working hard on that. Josh can cook really well (laughs). We love to be outside. When we’re not working, we just want to be outside.”

What’s one item you can’t travel without?

“Baby wipes. In case there’s any dirty babies around (laughs). But those wipes really clean everything. There’s a lot of dirt and we also buy hand sanitizer by the gallon.”

Where do you think Country Music is going?

“I think they’re going to split the genre. They are going to have country rock, country pop, etc. If it keeps growing like it is then they’ll have to. It’s like rock, which has many different genres in it. We’re making music with so many different instruments and computers. Country music is so different now. It’s so broad and different. It’s great to see it doing so well.”

Where is one place you would love to perform at?

“Red Rocks and Walnut Creek Amphitheatre in Raleigh, NC – our hometown amphitheatre.”

Parmalee are beyond entertaining. Their personalities carry over to the stage and their humor is incomparable. They made me laugh over and over again. Interviewing them was a pleasure. Be sure to get their new single “Roots” when it comes out in May!

Author: Country Cadre

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