Single Review: Parmalee – Roots

One of the things I love most about country music is how down to earth and humble some of its artists are. More often than not, either the artist who cut the song or the songwriters who wrote it, have experienced the words they are speaking. A band that exemplifies this to a T is Stoney Creek Records’ group Parmalee. Their band name alone is an homage to their hometown of Parmele, NC and these guys aren’t afraid to say they’re proud of where they come from.

Their new single “Roots” has both substance and nostalgia in abundance as lead singer Matt Thomas describes items such as grandfather’s Bible or gun that are still carried around even after a person has lived away from home for decades. A line that really stood out to me in this song says “They’re tangled up in every part of who I am, without ‘em I don’t stand a chance.” In other words, we all have a complicated, messy existence but there will always be a place where you can find solid ground and rebuild again. It’s a message of hope that is greatly needed when we feel lost in the hustle of keeping up with our busy lives.

“Roots” recently made its radio debut and has already impacted a significant number of stations across the nation. With the majority of the month still in front of them, Parmalee has released “Roots” at an opportune time to bring back its highly popular “Par-MAY-lee” fan appreciation initiative. Check out to unlock exclusive content and giveaways from the band!

I really enjoy listening to this song and I hope to see it continue to gain appreciation from radio and fans alike. Now that you know where Parmalee has its “Roots,” I want to know where you have yours! Let me know at @KCarib. And be sure to pick up “Roots” on iTunes.

Parmalee Roots

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