Randy Houser Embraces His Inner Outlaw in New Single “We Went” (Listen!)

Stoney Creek Records recording artist Randy Houser recently experienced much deserved success when his beautiful ballad “Like a Cowboy” peaked in the Number 3 spot on the charts. Faster than Randy could cinch his saddle up he has announced the release of a new single, “We Went,” the first off his forthcoming fourth studio album, showing a more adventurous side of the man who taught us how country feels.

As an artist on the Luke Bryan Kick Up the Dust Tour, it’s only appropriate to sing of fleeing a town, spraying dust behind a pickup truck, all the while showing off his wild side to a woman who is looking for a little run in with trouble. In this action-packed track, Randy, once again, rides off into the sunset, only this time he has his love interest in tow and the two are on the move together.

What sets this song apart from the romantic tunes we are used to from Randy is that this relationship’s foundation is built on danger. The chorus tells the story of a couple reminiscent of Bonnie and Clyde, running from the law and taking every illegal step hand-in-hand. The song’s title cleverly serves as the segue between chorus and verse, ending with the words “we went” and immediately continuing into the next part of the adventure.

In choosing “We Went” as the first release off his next album, Randy explained to Rolling Stone Country:

I wanted to lead with “We Went” as the first single from the new record because it was so different for me. The song is about hanging out, a little bit of danger, running from the cops — all things I grew up doing. Well, maybe avoiding the cops is more accurate. But rhythmically and lyrically it’s more progressive than what I’ve ever done. Justin [Wilson] told me they put this song together like a puzzle, and I think they did a great job with the alliteration and how the lyrics fit together seamlessly.

While the song isn’t what fans are used to from Randy, they will undoubtedly love another throwback to the “old west” that unites traditional, story-telling outlaw country with modern heavy-hitting sounds. As always, Randy proves that his vocals are on a level of their own, slaying notes with an energetic precision that few artists are able to achieve.

Listen to Randy Houser’s “We Went”

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