Review: @RaeLynnOfficial’s Debut EP #MEep

RaeLynn is a sweet, southern, blonde bombshell who soared from a little town in Texas to the spotlight in Nashville, Tennessee. She is also among the few who is known as a “one-named wonder” and found her way to fame being known as simply “RaeLynn” (as opposed to Racheal Lynn Woodward, the name her parents gave her).

Today, the sassy, spunky songstress released her debut offering, Me EP, under Republic Nashville. This date is one that RaeLynn’s passionate fans have long awaited, and, following the success of her first single “God Made Girls,” the country music industry was eager to greet. Me EP is a five-track collection of songs that is an education on who RaeLynn is as an artist, but also a more intimate view of who she is as a person. The moral of the lesson is that RaeLynn is a romantic who embraces her youth, doesn’t attempt to be somebody she isn’t, and is willing to explore various sounds within country music without suppressing any piece of herself in the process.

The EP contains Top 10 single “God Made Girls,” a song that celebrates females and all the unique qualities our gender has to offer this world. A sweet anthem, RaeLynn introduced fans to her music using this track, and with its successful run on the charts, has kept them on the edges of their seats, anticipating what was to follow.

What came next were the remaining four tracks on Me EP.  “Kissing Frogs” is an upbeat track bordering on satire, mocking the typical fairytale while RaeLynn, simultaneously, sings of her recognition that she is still young and free with plenty of time to find her Prince Charming. A song with which her fan base will identify, it is without doubt that we will soon see teenage girls with their windows down, belting the lyrics of this tune.

“Boyfriend” and “Better Do It” are the most demonstrative of the innerworkings of RaeLynn. One track (“Boyfriend”) boasts of her honesty and straight-forward, shoot from the hip mentality, while likewise proving that she can set aside her obvious sass and never compromise her character and class. The other (“Better Do It”) is emblematic of her confidence and self-awareness, lecturing a certain someone about following through with his word. Perfect additions to an EP entitled Me EP, fans will find themselves feeling more connected than ever to this little singing spitfire.

The highlight on RaeLynn’s debut EP comes in its third track, “Careless.” RaeLynn slows it down a bit on the middle track, entertaining the thought that maybe if she pulled back a little and could make herself care less about someone, he would care about her more. A side of RaeLynn with which we have not yet become familiar, “Careless” exposes her vulnerable side, proving that the happy-go-lucky budding artist has insecurities like the rest of us. In this song, she extends her hand to fans and welcomes them into her heart on a deeper level, making “Careless” the must-listen cut on his particular offering.

As one would expect from a RaeLynn album, Me EP is filled with catchy, fun songs that are currently relatable to those in a younger demographic, but also speaks on subjects about which older fans can reminisce. Staying true to herself, as RaeLynn always does, Me EP shows off her bubbly, tongue-in-cheek side, while also embracing her weaknesses, making this album a thoroughly descriptive disc of this Country Music #CMchat 15 to Watch in 2015 artist.

Watch RaeLynn’s “God Made Girls” video


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