Ricky Gunn

Ricky Gunn hails from Georgia and comes from a background that any southern boy would claim his own — fishing, hunting, and dirt roads. It was Ricky’s grandfather who introduced music into his life, filling his ears with some of country’s greats during family visits. The moral of that part of the story is we can blame Ricky’s grandfather, as well as Hank Williams, Conway Twitty, and Waylon Jennings, for this Country Music #CMchat One to Watch.

Ricky began playing country music when his grandfather (see? Totally to blame!) gave him an acoustic guitar and taught him three chords. It was at that moment an artist was born. Ricky took the tools provided by his grandfather and wrote his first song within days. In exclaiming his love for his genre, Ricky stated:

I love older country music because it’s so personal. Singers like Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings used music to tell their story. They didn’t need to jump all over the place to be entertaining, because their music was the entertainment. I’ve always loved that vibe.

Ricky started performing nightly bar gigs, sometimes exceeding five hours. The lengthy events molded Ricky into an artist with incredible stamina and the ability to capture and keep an audience’s attention. The experiences also taught him how to formulate a setlist into something that will maintain ongoing entertainment for those in attendance. This meant that, when he would write songs, he would be able to fill his personal catalog with a wide enough collection that he always had plenty of variety into which he could tap.

Perhaps that knowledge and understanding aided in Ricky’s writing of his debut album King of this Town, the tracks on which were inspired by the legends to whom he grow up listening. The record is a deeper glance into Ricky as a person, telling stories about his life and all aspects thereof. Whether it is growing up, falling in love, or building a family, Ricky writes and sings on relatable topics.

King of this Town, slated for release this year, was recorded in Nashville at the iconic Blackbird Studio and is a fusion of modern country with Ricky’s roots. The lead single off the album, title track “King of this Town,” is making quite the splash on radio, being added frequently to new markets. He has also taken his music on the road, sharing his talents as an opening act for Travis Tritt, Tyler Farr, and Gary Allan.

The introduction of his music to new listeners has caused an increase in Ricky’s fan base that will serve him well moving forward in his career. And, if those fans like “King of this Town,” they will certainly love everything else Ricky has to offer.

It’s all about hard work, dedication and never quitting. Every song on there goes back to a memory that I’ve had or an experience that I’ve gone through. I wanted it to sound real, because if you’ve been living the life you’re supposed to be living, the real stuff is gonna be the good stuff.

Listen to Ricky Gunn’s “King of this Town”

Ricky Gunn


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