3 Reasons Why You Need To Get Ronnie Dunn’s New Album

Ronnie Dunn is one of my favorite artists in country music and he finally has a new album out. Tattooed Heart is something that will remind you of the old days as well as the new. I don’t think anyone could pull off an album like this except for him. This is definitely 0ne of my favorite albums by him. There are a million reasons why you should  buy Ronnie Dunn’s new album, but here are a few.


It Has Its Share of Heartbreak Songs…That Just About Kill You. 

“Ain’t No Trucks In Texas”

The album kicks off with this great tune. This song reminds me of the old Brooks & Dunn days with a modern twist. Disguised as a “jam out” song, it’s actually a total heartbreaker. I love the guitar in the background right when the song starts. It cuts off right when Ronnie Dunn starts singing and when the drums begin, that’s when it’s time to sing along. This song is one you read or listen to between the lines.

“Damn Drunk”

Finally a song with Kix Brooks! God we really missed these two together. I wish they would just get back together. Starting the song with sparse vocals and a guitar, Ronnie Dunn then comes in with an acoustic feel as the hi-hat starts. When the chorus starts, the drums come in a little more and you get a feel for the song. The lyrics are beyond clever:

“If you were an angel, I’d pray to go to heaven. If they wouldn’t let me in, I’d break the gates down. I’d break ’em all down.”

Such a powerful song and completely addicting. I could put it on repeat all day and Kix Brooks adds the perfect melody, but we already knew he could do that – hence Brooks & Dunn having 20 No. 1 hits under their belt.

“That’s Why they Make Jack Daniels”

The ultimate breakup song. I’m so impressed with how Ronnie Dunn can completely make such a sad song feel like it’s your anthem. The strong beat and the lyrics draw you in and during the instrumental break, you find yourself singing along to every word. I love song’s melody and you can tell exactly when Ronnie Dunn starts to really get into it.


Ronnie Dunn’s Take On Love Songs Will Have You Asking Him For Advice  

“I Worship The Woman You Walked On”

This is unlike any song I’ve ever heard. Ronnie Dunn is singing about loving a woman who was hurt before she came into his life. It’s a new kind of love song and he’s singing about trying to heal all the damage that the guy before him did to her. This is one hell of a love song – it’s one thing to love someone who is easy to love, but it takes a lot of work to love someone who has built up walls around their heart.

He Hasn’t Changed

Ronnie Dunn’s music still reminds you of when Brooks & Dunn were still together and we aren’t complaining a bit!

“I Wanna Love Like That Again”

This track has amazing guitar riffs throughout and it puts you right back to your first heartbreak. I love the snare in the beginning and throughout the entire song. It just keeps you entranced in the song and it makes a definitive beat that keeps your foot tapping. When Ronnie Dunn starts to sing, there’s no question that he’s felt the pain of a woman shattering his heart.

“Tattooed Heart”

Definitely one of the album’s most unique songs which features a piano and has a definite jazz feel throughout. It doesn’t feel country at first. Instead, it’s an old school 50s type of song which he nails. This song sure does take me back and I should probably listen to this on some sort of record player because I’ve never heard a country song sound like this. It’s no wonder that this is a title track for this album because it shows how far he’s come as an artist from his Brooks & Dunn days.

“Still Feels Like Mexico”

Well, you’ll hear an all too familiar voice on this song – Reba McEntire, who everyone knows is the queen. They have been the best of friends for a long time and their voices go together just as well as their very first duet together, “If You See Him, If You See Her.” It’s such a classic song already and if you weren’t already convinced, then this song would convince you.



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