Runaway June “Wild West” Review

Runaway June’s (Naomi Cooke, Hannah Mulholland, Jennifer Wayne) second single, “Wild West,” is the trio’s follow-up to their Top 30 hit “Lipstick.” The new song’s tangible imagery – past outlaws and cowboys mixed with dreams of future romance – makes it look like the woman from “Lipstick” (“If you’re gonna love somebody Yeah you better love somebody Who ruins your lipstick, not your mascara”) has found her man. The song, co-written by Wayne, Justin Lantz, and Billy Montana, pays tribute to Wayne’s famous grandfather in the line, “Baby you could steal my heart like Jesse James or come in guns blazin’ just like old John Wayne.”

In a recent interview, Wayne remarked, “I had always wanted to put him in a song. I just had to do it in a cool way. I didn’t want to be cheesy about it. I felt like that was the perfect tip-of-the-hat to him. That song is so romantic. I love the harmonies. It paints a picture. I feel like you are in Sedona watching all that imagery of someone falling in love.”

Florida native Cooke has the mid-range harmony vocals covered. As lead singer/guitarist, she seamlessly blends with California natives (high harmony singer/guitarist) Wayne and (low harmony singer/mandolin picker) Mulholland.  Listen here:

The trio’s name Runaway June comes from their shared bonds. Wayne’s grandmother and one of Cooke’s sisters are named June while Mulholland completed a life changing, 25-day, 220-mile hike in, yes, one month of June. The runaway part is an ode to the pull all three felt to run away from their homes to follow their dreams. The Wheelhouse Records trio writes and sings from their hearts. Their music is tied to the roots of country with a modern positive take.

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