Runaway June at the WYCD Hoedown #Interview

There’s a new trio in town and they aren’t running away from anything even though their name is Runaway June.

Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open because these ladies are running head-on into a successful career in country music. Hannah, Naomi, and Jen are all extremely talented, humble ladies and I was blessed to snag a few minutes of their time before their set in Clarkston, MI this July. These ladies are the definition of why I love supporting new artists in this genre. Here’s your chance to learn a little more about them.

Have you been to the Detroit area before? What’s your first impression of the WYCD Hoedown?

Hannah: Yes! We were at the Faster Horses Festival this year. It was awesome!

Naomi: Here at the Hoedown? People are having a blast. There’s a lot of tailgating and we just want to go hang out with everybody.

You’re new to the Nashville in the Neighborhood stage this year, but in the future, when you’re headlining shows who would you want to open for you if you could choose anyone?

Naomi: Oooo, like anyone? Hmm Thomas Rhett.That’d be so much fun.

Jen: I mean we already know a lot of people and we don’t want to demote them to opening for us…hey, maybe we could co-headline.

Hannah: Maybe Keith Urban too. *laughs*

So, I first heard about you as a trio when I heard your debut single “Lipstick.” Can you tell me about that song?

Jen: We are over the moon because we have so many firsts with this. You know the first time hearing it played on the radio, first time hearing people sing it back to us, and we love watching it because it charted and it’s like watching a baby take it first steps. You know? Like Ahhhh!!! You’re scared but you’re excited at the same time.

Where were you the first time you heard it on the radio?

Hannah: Were we in Baton Rouge?

Naomi: Yea, we were in Baton Rouge. That was the first time we got to hear it but we were actually in the station so we got to hear it through their speakers. Then a few minutes later a girl came by and said I just heard it on the radio.

Hannah, Naomi, Jen: We were like in the car?!

Jen: So we were pretty excited that people could actually hear us on the radio and then know who we were. *laughs*

You’re all such fresh faces in the country music genre, for anyone who hasn’t heard of you yet, where can they find your music? Are you active on social media?

Naomi: Our single is on iTunes now, so you can go and check it out! Tell a friend too!

Hannah: Oh and our website – – can hook you up with all our social media links to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. We love interacting with our fans!

Runaway June and Kristin

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