Russell Dickerson: A Must See.

It was a Thursday night and I was just leaving the office with no plans in mind for the night, but that all changed when I turned on the radio.

Russell Dickerson was performing live for his radio tour and I knew this was my chance to see him before he completely changes country music with his single, “Yours.”

He took the stage with a drink in hand and was ready to party. He started it off with “Every Little Thing,” and that set the tone for his showcase, but it was only just the beginning.

Russell Dickerson started to announce his new album Yours, which is available for preorder and its release is set for October 13th. He decided to let us in on one of his brand new songs from his album titled “Billions.” True to Dickerson’s style, the new song is upbeat and fun. It’s a song that you listen to while you’re at the beach and high on life. The crowd absolutely loved it and was eager to hear more from him and Dickerson was not about to disappoint. He featured a song that he wrote with Tyler from Florida Georgia Line, showing us that even love songs can have an awesome melody. “That’s My Girl” is catchy and a perfect love song for a concert.

My favorite part of the night was when Dickerson did a mashup of his song “MGNO” and “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” He even got the crowd to sing along and people were clapping right along. For an acoustic show, it was getting amazingly loud.  He was able to get the crowd engaged enough, to even put a slow song in the middle.

When he wrote “Whiskey On My Breath” with Love and Theft, he knew it was going to be a hit. It has a hard message that all of us need to learn about addiction and it’s a difficult song to sing at a concert- especially when you don’t have the band behind you, but Dickerson completely owned the stage. His vocal range is unreal and entrancing. But just when you think this song couldn’t get any better, Russell Dickerson adds a little “Nothing But The Blood,” taking us all the way to church. It was a great move on his part. For a moment, everyone banded together and started singing right along.

He brought the somber mood right back up into a party with his song “Blue Tacoma” and ended with his new hit single “Yours.” He shared the story behind the song and how his wife even recorded the music video. This is my favorite song and I’m glad he chose it not only as his new single but his new album title.

Catch Russell Dickerson on an upcoming episode of The Bachelorette airing tonight!

If you haven’t gone to a Russell Dickerson concert yet, it’s a must see. Get front row while you can, this guy is going to sell out concerts soon.


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